The How-To Heretic

Your user's guide to life on the outside. Leaving religion is the first step into a larger, better world. But it can also be a scary world. Things work differently now. Never fear: that's why we’re here! We're your audio uncles, and with help from good friends and experts in all sorts of fields, we're going to share the stories and seek the knowledge we all need for building a great life! After all, you only get one (that we know of), so you'd better make the most of it!

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Holding in the Sneeze - 043

This week! Uncle Mark shows us the limits of pyramid power, Uncle Dan shows us that half a wisdom is not a wisdom at all, and Uncle Doug proves that way too many people have more money than they should. 


 2018-07-18  1h9m

All the Tiny Horses - 042

This week! Uncle Mark warns us about moon mind, Uncle Doug shows us how to apologize to modernize, and Uncle Dan tries to talk about weighty matters and the guys are having none of it. 


 2018-07-11  1h27m

Born Unto Trouble - 041

This week! Uncles Doug and Dan go FULL BIBLE (you never go full Bible!). First, Uncle Doug teaches us why more sinning is better than less, then Uncle Dan applies for a new Job, and Jeff Sessions is just a horrible human.


 2018-07-04  1h3m

The Snark Crystal - 040

This week! Uncle Dan shows us how bullshit vibrates, Uncle Mark demonstrates that the worst things happen in pairs, and Uncle Doug shows us that good guys really do finish last. 


 2018-06-27  1h2m

Chicken Bridge - 039

This week! Uncle Dan pushes us across a wobbly bridge to forever, Uncle Mark introduces us to the eternal Pep Boys, and then Uncle Dan asks for absolution that he doesn't remotely deserve. 


 2018-06-20  1h5m

Shofar Shogood - 038

This week! Uncle Dan blows his trumpet for a strumpet, Uncle Mark tries to ruin a few weddings, and we talk about How-To learn to love one particular day.


 2018-06-13  1h28m

Thy Rod & Thy Staph - 037

This week! Uncle Mark returns from beyond to discuss the first Alt-Right on-air personality, Uncle Doug tells us about haunted water, and Uncle Dan buries a flesh-collage of a god so disturbing we're sorry we dug her up. 


 2018-06-06  50m

The Devil Made Me Do It! - 036

This week! Satan stands in for uncle Mark, as uncles Dan and Doug discuss how to dance with the devil. First, though, uncle Dan gives us a little Luciferian history, and uncle Doug hears the powerful heartbeat of religious nerds. Don’t forget to...


 2018-05-30  58m

Dental Alchemy - 035

This week! Uncle Doug gets called up to the big leagues as uncle Mark gets lazy and sits one out. Uncle Dan takes the woo right out of your mouth, professor Jim becomes a critical thinking nazi, and uncle Doug explores some strange family values!


 2018-05-23  54m

The Cephalophory Story - 034

This week! Uncle Mark talks about Parisian head, Uncle Doug talks about Mormon head, and Uncle Dan tells us beef is not what’s for dinner. It’s all pretty gross, actually. Enjoy!


 2018-05-16  1h15m