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episode 30: EP 130: Trina Casey - EQ Above IQ

How often do you ever stop and contemplate your own emotional intelligence? For that matter, what is emotional intelligence, how do you even begin to measure it, and how does it impact our society on a daily basis? 

My guest this week is Trina Casey, and she’s an author/emotional intelligence coach currently based out of Amsterdam. She works with children and adults to help them overcome past trauma that might be negatively affecting how they interact with the world...


 2020-11-25  50m

episode 31: Ep 131: Abam Mambo - Mama Tok Tok

It’s easy to underestimate the power of words, but if we’ve learned anything over the last few years, it’s that our words do mean something.

My guest this week Abam Mambo, aka Mama TokTok. She’s a lawyer/writer/motivational speaker who’s using her words to inspire, educate, and empower.  She also happens to run a really cool podcast, and you’ll learn all about that in this episode.
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 2020-12-02  1h18m

episode 32: Ep 132: Billionaire P.A. - Tap In

Do you believe in speaking your dreams into existence? 

My guest this week is the world changer himself, Billionaire P.A., and he wholeheartedly believes in speaking life into your dreams. He wants to make sure he leaves his imprint on the world and encourages everyone to use their gifts. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an employee, or a stay-at-home parent, Billionaire P.A. has a message that will change your life...


 2020-12-09  1h11m

episode 33: EP 133: Manny Faces - Hip-Hop Can Save America

Have you ever your faith in something or someone restored? I imagine that the feeling is akin to getting a new lease on life. 

My guest this week is journalist/hip-hop advocate, Manny Faces, and he just might have managed to convince me that I shouldn’t feel so jaded with the culture and music that I grew up on. He stopped by to talk about some of the ambitious hip-hop-driven initiatives that are underway in our communities to help spark a positive change...


 2020-12-16  1h27m

episode 34: EP 134: The Christmas Special

I’m going to be taking a week or so off for the holidays, but I wanted to leave you with something for Christmas. To finish out 2020, I took 10 of my favorite conversations with this year’s guests and put them together. These are the moments that always make me smile, laugh, or reflect when I listen back on them.  The topics range from music to finance and entrepreneurship.

Hopefully, they can bring you the same joy that they bring me.  Merry Christmas...


 2020-12-23  1h9m