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#39 Tyler Cowen: Thinking About Thinking

There are only a handful of websites that I read religiously. One of those is , started by my next guest, Tyler Cowen. Other than hosting one of the most popular economic blogs in the world, Tyler is also an economics professor at George Mason...


 2018-08-21  56m

#38 Ali Almossawi: Thinking in Algorithms

My guest for this short episode of The Knowledge Project is a man who wears many hats. Ali Almossawi is a San Francisco-based author of books on critical thinking and computer science education, and the creator of An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments....


 2018-08-08  19m

#37 Annie Duke: Getting Better by Being Wrong

I have wanted to do this interview for a long time. On this episode, I am thrilled to have Annie Duke, former professional poker player and author of the new book, . Annie has a very interesting background that makes her uniquely qualified to speak...


 2018-07-25  1h56m

#36 William MacAskill: The Science of Doing Good

On this episode of The Knowledge Project, I’m happy to have William MacAskill. William is the co-founder and President of the (CEA) and an Associate Professor in Philosophy at Oxford University. He is also the founder and president of 80,000 Hours,...


 2018-07-11  1h5m

#35 Robert Greene: Alive Time vs. Dead Time

In this episode of The Knowledge Project, I have the brilliant Robert Greene. Robert is the author of 5 New York Times bestsellers, including The 48 Laws of Power and The 33 Strategies of War. He's also written on mastery and seduction. Robert’s...


 2018-06-27  1h17m

#34 Amelia Boone: Learning How to Suffer

Since the popularity of Obstacle Course Racing, or OCR, has exploded onto the scene, there has been one woman who has dominated the sport: Amelia Boone. Amelia ran her first race in 2011 after some prodding from a co-worker, and though she says she...


 2018-06-13  1h9m

#33 Dan Ariely: The Truth About Lies

On this episode of the Knowledge Project, I’m joined by the fascinating Dan Ariely. Dan just about does it all. He has delivered 6 TED talks with a combined 20 million views, he’s a multiple New York Times best-selling author, a widely published...


 2018-05-25  56m

#32 Patrick Collison: Earning Your Stripes

On this episode of the Knowledge Project Podcast, I chat with Patrick Collison, co-founder and CEO of the leading online payment processing company, If you’ve purchased anything online recently, there’s a good chance that Stripe facilitated the...


 2018-05-02  1h49m

#31 Barbara Oakley: Learning How to Learn

Just when I start to think I’m using my time well and getting a lot done in my life, I meet someone like Barbara Oakley. Barbara is a true polymath. She was a captain in the U.S. Army, a Russian translator on Soviet trawlers, a radio operator in the...


 2018-04-10  1h33m

#30 Margaret Heffernan: Collaboration and Competition

Today, I’m joined by speaker, international executive and five-time author Margaret Heffernan. We discuss how to get the most out of our people, creating a thriving culture of trust and collaboration, and how to prevent potentially devastating...


 2018-03-13  1h16m