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2755 - SCOTUS Blocks Vaccine Mandate As Government Essentially Ceases To Govern w/ Heather Digby Parton & Francesca Fiorentini

It's Casual Friday! Sam and Emma host , contributing writer at  and proprietor of the blog , to round up the week in news. Then, Sam and Emma are joined by , host of  podcast! First, Digby, Emma, and Sam get...



2754 - The Case Against Compromise w/ Rachel Greenwald-Smith

Emma hosts , professor of English at St. Louis University, to discuss her recent book , on compromise in art and politics, and as an American ideal. Professor Greenwald-Smith and Emma first back up and look at how the US values...



2753 - Juul Up In Smoke And The Rise And Fall Of Omicron w/ Jamie Ducharme & Dr. MarkAlain Dery

Sam and Emma host , health correspondent at Time, to discuss her recent book . Then, Sam and Emma are joined by , infectious disease specialist at AccessHealth Louisiana and host of the  podcast, to discuss the recent...



2752 - Biden Marches To Atlanta To Nix The Filibuster, Gets Stood Up By Activists

Sam and Emma break down news from the weekend, from developments on COVID to the courts, the Jan 6th commission to labor, and more! They begin by reflecting on the 20th anniversary of the first prisoner at Guantanamo Bay, before discussing the...



2751 - Abolishing the American Caste System w/ Sheryll Cashin

Sam and Emma host , professor at the Georgetown University Law Center, to discuss her recent book , on how the residential caste system built up around race and geography has ingrained itself into US cities, becoming central to how we...



2750 - Will The Country Just Accept Minority Rule Forever? w/ Osita Nwanevu & Judy Gold

It's Casual Friday! Sam hosts , contributing editor at The New Republic, to wrap up the week in news and discuss his recent piece in the New York Times, "." Osita sits down to unpack the project of Republican grievance that has been built over...



2749 - Why The Democrats Still Don't Understand "Party Politics" w/ Adam Hilton

Sam hosts , assistant professor of politics at Mount Holyoke College, to discuss his recent book , on how the party apparatus of the Democratic Party went from a three-majority monster in the midst of the 20th Century to a hollow shell...



2748 - The Fight To Defeat Privatization w/ Donald Cohen

Sam hosts , founder and executive director of , to discuss his recent book  that he co-wrote with , on how neoliberal policies have cut up the public sphere, dividing its profits between a narrow subset of people, while...



2747 - January 6th And The “Modern Jihad” w/ Suzanne Schneider

Sam hosts  Deputy Director and Core Faculty at the Brooklyn Institute, to discuss her recent book , on the evolution of jihad as liberalism took over the world. Schneider begins by helping frame the central terms, exploring the...



2746 - 2022: How Badly Can This Year Go For Biden, Dems?

Happy 2022! Sam is back from a well-deserved break as he and Matt catch up on the big developments in the news that happened over Christmas and the New Year. They walk through the overwhelming spread of Omicron across New York, address Sam’s...