The Mana Pool

Chewie, Mike, Brian, and Dirk have been talking about Magic: The Gathering on the internet for almost 10 years (at the time of this writing). Since there are so many shows about strategy and tournaments, these dorks focus on all the fun you can have with the game outside of that, from flavor to philosophy to game design to history to whatever else we can come up with. We're funny, we're serious about what we do, and we love it!

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Episode 619 - Keep Learning!

The full Strixhaven set has been revealed, so the dorks are combing through it looking for the neat stuff. We've got the Mastery spells, an Eye Bat, a...trudge?, a cycle of weirdly-costed multicolored hybrid cards, and an 11/10 creature for...four...



Episode 618 - The Deans List

The dorks continue with Neverending Preview Season! Strixhaven previews are in full swing, so of course that's our focus for this episode. After hitting the mythics that have been revealed (as is our tradition) we take a look at all the various Deans...



Episode 617 - Learn!

Neverending Preview Season is upon us again, and the dorks jump headfirst into Strixhaven! We've got a few new mechanics, but nothing overly complicated. Among the revealed cards we find: 1) Chewie's new bae, Professor Onyx (please step on me) 2) The...



Magic Legends: A First Look

The dorks make some announcements about the TMP podcast and website, discuss their Covid-19 vaccine experiences (for a good long while because it's important), then look at the freshly released full schedule of Magic sets for the rest of the...



Episode 615 - The Music Episode

The dorks are back with another non-Magic episode! This time we're talking about music, and this episode, as it is with all the good ones, ended up being more about us than the topic at hand. We'll discuss our history with music, the stuff we like,...


 2021-03-16  1h52m

Episode 614 - More Universes Beyond

The dorks are back with another surprise news-related episode! Wizards made a massive announcement about upcoming products that are branded with non-Magic properties. The two examples given were Warhammer 40K and...Lord of the Rings? Whaaaaa? So the...


 2021-03-01  2h1m

Episode 613 - On Hammers & Schools

The dorks are back with...Monday Night Magic? Wait, this can't be right, let me go look. Yeah, the dorks are actually looking at the news! First up, WotC swung their banhammer wide, with a massive pile of casualties across many many formats. Holy...


 2021-02-22  1h48m

Episode 612 - The Surprise Ban & Other Stories

The dorks are back on card games this week! We begin by taking a look at a very important nugget of information hidden in an advertisement - the first time a ban was announced somewhere other than, you know, a ban announcement. Then we're changing...


 2021-02-15  1h32m

Episode 611 - Weaponized Nostalgia

This is our first non-Magic podcast episode! To help us out on this momentous occasion, we are joined by Squee, formerly of Monday Night Magic. We're taking a look at remakes, reboots, remasters, rereleases, and legacy sequels across several different...


 2021-02-08  2h32m

Episode 610 - The Sagas of Kaldheim

The dorks head back into Kaldheim to check out all the Sagas that we just missed during the last two episodes. Some of these are absolutely ridiculous, while the rest are just...well, pretty good actually. The art though! The Saga art is AMAZING in...


 2021-02-01  2h0m