The Mortified Podcast

The Mortified Podcast is a storytelling series where adults share the embarrassing things they created as kids—diaries, letters, lyrics & beyond—in front of total strangers. PS: It totally likes you. Mortified is a proud member of Radiotopia, from PRX. Learn more at

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195: I Need a Pen Pal

Feeling socially distant from your BFFs? Feel comforted by retro tales of teenagers who discovered the power of pen pals to get through their awkward years.



194: Totally Clueless Makeovers

Clueless is 25 years old? Whatever! From geek to chic and prep to punk, tales of teenage makeovers inspired by the coming of age classic.



193: Dude Poets Society

Can a poem win over a total stranger's heart? Find out what happens when desperate teenage boys pour their hearts out through poetry.


 2020-07-05  25m

192: What I Learned From My Parents

Teenagers confront the notion of living out their parents’ wishes.


 2020-06-20  34m

191: Most Likely to Save Us from a Global Crisis

To honor of 2020’s graduating class, we present the precocious kids that are Most Likely to Save Us from a Global Crisis.


 2020-05-24  29m

190: I Need A Pep Talk

Beat back the doldrums with tales of kids who provide a much needed pep talk.


 2020-05-10  35m

189: Get Me Outta Here!

For most of us, quarantine is a cake walk compared to being a teenager. Tales of kids who feel, like, totally trapped.


 2020-04-25  26m

188: Kid Reporters

This just in! An episode about kids who report the news.


 2020-04-12  33m

187 Surprise Episode: Live in Oakland

Need a break from Quarantine? Bummed you can’t go out to live shows right now? We’ve got you covered! With this special surprise episode, immerse yourself in a recent Mortified Live event from Oakland, CA.


 2020-04-05  1h14m

186: Smells Like Team Spirit

Teenage tales that demonstrate the power of the pack.


 2020-03-29  32m