The Pantry Podcast

You know what's in your kitchen pantry, but what's in your heart? God's more than just a spice on the shelf—He's every ingredient worth having. Shea & Michelle Watson serve up spiritual nutrition for hungry Christian soldiers that chase truth, not cavities. A show grounded in the Bible that tells it straight, here to encourage and challenge you to dive deeper into Jesus.

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Walls Down with Michael Kent and Tiffany Whittier

Your Past Doesn’t Define You // S06E05 Don’t be afraid to love on those that are completely different than you! Those that have different views, appearances or backgrounds, they may be completely outside of your comfort zone but you may well



Happy Lies with Micaela & Natalie Deegan, Shawn Quintero, and Nicholas Ruffin

What is happiness? // S06E04 Happy lies, what are they? And what is the difference between worldly happiness and what happiness is with God? Being a Christian isn’t freedom from pain, worry, or sadness but it is freedom knowing that God has the fin



Do the Work with J Warner Wallace

Cold Case Christianity | Instagram | The Thin Blue Life | Buy J Warner Wallace Books on Amazon (affiliate link) FORENSIC FAITH // S06E03 How are you going to counteract the hostility of the world? How are you going to live out The Great Co



Open Cages

LIVE OUTSIDE THE BOX // S06E02 Are you wearing God’s identity? Are you walking in the freedom found in Christ? The cage is unlocked and open, ready for you to walk out in freedom. You’re free to serve God in everything that counts. Don’


 2021-06-30  22m

That Won’t Preach

What does The Bible say // S06E01 We all know what popular opinion is. We’ve all heard preach it being shouted. But what happens when a popular opinion or what is classified as mainstream muddles what truth already says? This episode is all about s


 2021-06-23  27m

Go Forth And

God will provide // S05E12 How can we thrive in uncertainty when it’s all so…uncertain? The better we understand who God says He is and what He has promised, the more we can move forward with faithful confidence that what comes next can bring Him glory.


 2021-06-16  26m

A Future and A Hope with Jessica Spruel

When you lose everything // S05E12 On Today’s episode, Jessica Spruel recounts her past of bitterness, loss, and pain. How God took it all, everything she had to free her and to bless her in ways she couldn’t see coming. In a story full of re


 2021-06-09  31m

By His Wounds with Pastor Dorsey Ross

How to overcome obstacles // S05E11 How do you tap into God’s strength? How do you deal with wounds that seem bigger than you? No matter what pain you are living with know that God can give you supernatural strength that allows you to flourish in w


 2021-06-02  21m

Into the Flames with Michael Thai

Walking in Obedience with God // S05E10 No matter what God calls us to obeying God’s command is important. Take inventory! Is there something in your life that you need to let go of? Is there something in your life you need to do more of? No matter


 2021-05-26  40m

A Good Thing: 4 Years Married in Christ

Christ-centered marriage // S05E09 (EPISODE 64) Four years of marriage later, lessons, love, and most importantly to be transformed in God is not an easy feat. BUT when you hand it to God and walk hand in hand know that to flourish in Christ is inevitabl


 2021-05-19  35m