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Spoopy non political podcast covering the paranormal, occult, and the conspiratorial. Hosted by Johnny Monoxide, Reinhardt Von Krieger, Dogbot, and a veritable plethora of recurring guests. We are everywhere. Email:

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Melanated Mythology Pt.2: The Reverse Michael Jackson

Just when you thought the gang was done with Black Science (Fiction) Month...

We have a full cast here to talk about the life and wild stories surrounding Michael Jackson. It gets weirder than you think! Costumes, clones, and holograms galore from Neverland’s King of Pop...


 2022-02-20  2h17m

The Nationalist Enquirer: When The Clowns Run The Circus

The Nationalist Enquirer 02/16/22

When the Clowns Run the Circus

Retro-posting in the 90’s.  Nuclear energy is Gay AF, Demolition Man predictions Harambe lost his Superb Owl...


 2022-02-17  2h22m

Melanated Mythology: Black SciFi Month Pt. 1

Put dat fiberglass in yo lungs and get inna van. We finna tell you sum'n.

N. * .G.G.A.S assemble to join super powers to battle Ghosts, Dogs, and the USPS

Nation of Islam and the myth of Yakub’s globe trotters: Step 1: Make other races. Step 2: ? Step 3: Prophet?

With: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, and Grognak

Break Music: No UFO's, by Model 500

Creepypasta: SlenderFloyd, read by Reinhardt

Check out our website and leave comments there: www.paranormies...


 2022-02-12  2h33m

The Nationalist Enquirer: CGI Ejectulation of a Stargasm

Nationalist Enquirer: 02/08/2022

CGI Ejectulation of a Stargasm

Concerning  pillows, gas stations & Joe Biden, real shit & the oppression pyramid Science: This is real, Lone Skum's dumb smart car & Cartoons on the dark side of the moon Entertainment: Joe “n-word-guy” Rogan, Sacha Baron Cohen is a bad actor & Hollywood = CIA Business/Politics: Russia/Ukraine war? Women crash jets & why are antifa ALWAYS pedos?



 2022-02-09  2h16m

Art Deco Hood Ornament: Livestream Replay 2/4/22

2/4/22: Livestream replay:

Fire Rihanna’s makeup artist, not Grognak! Exodus to Odysse possible. Fake and gay Canadian helicopters with no one being thrown from them. Mandela things; Lord of the Rings seems to have changed..

Wurm posting our way into San Francisco. Ironic? 

Dallas Fair Park statue scrutiny. The US army is giving people HIV while Russia plays war games in Ukraine...


 2022-02-06  2h2m

The Nationalist Enquirer: Early Onset Pengucarditis

When it's Wednesday it's time for The Nationalist Enquirer!

This Week:

The Wormpill How to train your penguin (to be gay) Entertainment: Libtards seethe over Spotify, Whoopie's whoopsie, Get those trannys out of here A$@P Politics: Canadian truckers, farmers, and whores...


 2022-02-03  2h13m

Revenge Of The Hyperborean Nerds

Revenge of the Hyperborean Nerds

Dogbot narrowly escapes a sasquatch to return to the show. After the required shitposting and giant posting we seek Lebensraum. On to the content, which is a return to the poles in works of fiction. First up is The Iron Republic. Barrington finds a way through and beyond the ice wall. Find out about advanced tech for socialist Luciferians. In the second hour, the guys tackle The Smokey God. Travel to the North Pole and hang out with giants...


 2022-01-29  2h27m

The Nationalist Enquirer: The Junior Kennedy Detective League

If it's the middle of the week, it's time for The Nationalist Enquirer!

This Week:

Science: What do Scottish Supercomputers, Chinese butt swabs, and centipedes have in common? Covid is totally going away monkeyshines => outbreak => contagion => wwz? do glowbois dream of gayopped sheeple entertainment: FJB, woke Tolkien, and troons in tights sports: more troons, and also less troons, but also more as well space: still fake and gay

With: Johnny, Reinhardt, and...


 2022-01-27  2h39m

Paranormal America: Pennsylvania

Our trip around the nation looking for paranormal oddities, cryptids, and haunted places takes us to Pennsylvania. Johnny is joined by intern hopeful Grognak and guest Seamus from Antelope Hill Publishing...


 2022-01-23  2h5m

The Nationalist Enquirer: Nanobot Hypothermia

It is time for The Nationalist Enquirer!

This Week:

shitposting new paranormies theme song flase flags are ackshually real if russian your 4 bidens khazakhstani spelling bee texan synagogue hostage hoedown. hoax? db gets rick rolled chill your vaccines (takes) on the nano level more covid vax stuff link to british heart foundation commercial: https://youtu...


 2022-01-19  2h10m