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Spoopy Republican podcast covering the paranormal, occult, and the conspiratorial. Hosted by Johnny Monoxide, Adam Haidt, Scott Taylor,and Bradshaw Wilson We are everywhere. On Twitter @TheParanormies Email/D'nations:

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Spoop Street with Larry Ridgeway

Tonight on the Paranormies we are joined by Larry Ridgeway of Love Street to discuss a broad variety of topics and get a little bit of funposting in as well. Did someone in Oregon get attacked by a Bigfoot? Will Jeff Bezos take us to the moon? Are pickles or freeze dried food better? Find out the answer to these questions and more on a fun episode of the Paranormies...



Phantom Time

Adam calls out due to homework, so Johnny and Brad are joined by Reinhart Von Krieger for a discussion on another mind blowing red pill.....



The Florida Skunk Ape & The Batutu

Tonight on the Paranormies, Johnny is joined by Bradshaw and Adam Haidt to discuss some interesting cryptids: The Florida Skunk Ape and the Vietnamese Batutut. Why are the skunk apes so smelly? Why do the batutut throw rocks? Is there actually something scarier than Florida Man? Did Marines fight troupes of these creatures in the jungles of Vietnem? Join us tonight on the Paranormies for speculation on answers to these questions and more...



Vegas & Wikileaks Wrap-Ups

Johnny welcomes Bradshaw back to the show, along with first time guest, Astro. The goys discuss some esoteric connections and tie up some loose ends in the Vagas "shooting". Is this finally the last we'll hear about it? Is there any actual evidence to back up any of the theories? In the second hour, Brad loses his internet connection, and it's Julian Assange, his weird history, and Wikileaks...



Kellogg & Graham, The OG SoyBoys

Tonight on the Paranormies we are joined by long time friend Fash Gordon to discuss a few weird topics. Opening with our takes on some current events such as the Notre Dame fire and the feedback to our first episode body slamming the """""""moon landing""""""" hoax, we segue into a discussion on a couple of odd ducks who left a terrible mark on our culture: Sylvester Graham and later John Harvey Kellogg...


 2019-04-20  2h13m

The Moon Landing Hoax, Part 1 S4 EP23

Tonight on the Paranormies we are joined by Alt Skull ( ) to discuss quite a controversial topic: the (alleged) Apollo space program. That's right goys: the moon landing was a hoax. This is just the first part of a multi-part series, as there is so much evidence, so much bullshit, and so many lies to go over we just couldn't fit it into 2 hours. We know this is a hot topic, so stick around, open your mind, and give it a genuine think. You won't be disappointed...


 2019-04-13  2h13m

Brenton Tarrant's Meme-festo

A white guy shot up a mosque in New Zealand because he's mad about Muslim immigration. Or at least, that's what you're supposed to believe. Johnny, Zev, and later, Adam discuss the "cowabunga it is", video game looking, /mass shooting/ that "totally happened" (exactly the way (((they))) say it did) the other day.

With: Johnny Monoxide, Zev, Adam Haidt

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 2019-03-17  1h42m

AJ on JRE & Cryptids in KY, S4 EP 21

Join us tonight on The Paranormies as we bring you news on current events in the world of the spooky and sinister. Just what in the hell is going on with Youtube? Who was Natacha Jaitt and what happened to her? Johnny and Zev read some fan submissions and go over the Joe Rogan Podcast featuring Alex Jones, along with special guest Spencer Randolph, back again to discuss a potential cryptid mauling in his back yard...


 2019-03-07  1h23m

Artificial Intelligence Part 1: JF Gariepy, S4 EP 20

Tonight on the Paranormies, Johnny and Adam are joined by special guest Mr. Dr. JF Gariepy to discuss the consequences of Artificial Intelligence technology and our future. What is AI? Is AI a "who"? What can AI do? Today everyone has a smart phone in their pocket with access to an unlimited amount of information and assistance. Cognitive tasks have been outsourced to computers...


 2019-03-01  2h13m

The Fermi Paradox S4 EP19

Are we alone in the universe? Is there any life anywhere else but here? If there ARE aliens, why haven't we seen them? These questions are the foundation of what is known as the Fermi Paradox. Musonius Rufus joins Johnny for an extremely /comfy/, in depth discussion about life on other planets, space travel, and how white nationalism is connected to all this.....


 2019-02-23  2h23m