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Spoopy non political podcast covering the paranormal, occult, and the conspiratorial. Hosted by Johnny Monoxide, Reinhardt Von Krieger, Dogbot, Jack the Intern, and a veritable plethora of recurring guests. We are everywhere. Email:

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The Nationalist Enquirer: Nanobot Hypothermia

It is time for The Nationalist Enquirer!

This Week:

shitposting new paranormies theme song flase flags are ackshually real if russian your 4 bidens khazakhstani spelling bee texan synagogue hostage hoedown. hoax? db gets rick rolled chill your vaccines (takes) on the nano level more covid vax stuff link to british heart foundation commercial: https://youtu...



The Wonderful (Evil) World of Disney & The Magic (Satanic) Kingdom

The boys kick off season 7 with a look at everyone's favorite culture creator and all time greatest imagineer: Walt Disney...



Language Pt. 2: The Invention of a Whistleblower (and Literally Everythig Else)

This was supposed to be a full part 2 to the Part 1 a couple weeks ago, but things happen. The actual language content starts after the break. Merry Christmas fam! We'll be back after a break with season 7!

With: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, Alt Skull, and Jack

Break Music: Who Only Europe Know, by ROME

Creepypasta: Have You Ever Heard of Forest Elfs?, read by Jack the Intern

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The Nationalist Enquirer: The Entanglement of Some Water Bear

If it's Wednesday, it's time for The Nationalist Enquirer!

This Week:

Indestructible bears entangled quantumly Lone Skum Does Babylon Robert Sepehr is a Jew Sun Your Probe In the Corona Gay Cop From Gayop Goes Hollywood Ray Epps, Fed 3rd Vaxx is the Charm? Dr. Evil's Totally Not Evil Clock

With: Johnny, Astro, Dogbot, Reinhardt, and Jack

Break Music: Fight or Flight, Black Winter 1, The March, by VulgaR Check out his Bandcamp here: https://vulgar14.bandcamp...



The Christmas Livestream 2021 Replay

This is the replay of last night's Christmas DLive livestream, now complete with actual break music (it didn't work live last night for some reason) and creepypasta. Make some hot cocoa, put another log on the fire, get /comfy/ and check out your early Christmas present.

With: Johnny, Dogbot, Reinhardt, and Jack

Break Music: Christmas, by Jesu

Creepypasta: The Evil In the Cabin, read by Reinhardt Von Krieger

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 2021-12-18  2h31m

The Nationalist Enquirer: Time's Clone of the Year

If it's Wednesday, it's time for The Nationalist Enquirer!

This Week:

Lone Skum's Participation Trophy Elizabeth Warren is still not an Indian Cold Blooded Troons? Stop.....


 2021-12-16  1h56m

ESL: English As A Spellcasting Language

The guys FINALLY tackle the EQ:The English Question...


 2021-12-12  1h58m

The Nationalist Enquirer: From Flappin' Jacks To Cappin' Japs: No Planes At Pearl Harbor?

If it's Wednesday, it's time for The Nationalst Enquirer!

This Week:

King Tut, rolling on dubs Transhumanism Vaccine News One Guy, One Bomb The Lord Helps Those Who Help Themselves(To Joel Osteen's Money) Doing the Side (Effect) Stroke Pastries In Space

With: Johnny, Reinhardt, and Jack

Break Music: To Hell and Back, by Venom

Tales From The Necronormiecon: Hitlerism and the Judenfrage, read by Jack Hoffmen

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 2021-12-09  1h58m

The Chad Imaginos vs The Virgin Reaper

The guys are joined by Metal Up Your Fash's Erik HeathNat for a discussion about the esoteric and occult side of the band The Blue Oyster Cult and it's enigma of a manager, (((Sandy Perlman))). From Nazi aesthetics onstage, to Thelema and Lovecraft influenced lyrics, and even overt occult symbolysm in thier art, they were one of the progenitors of the era influenced by Crowley's "Do as thou wilt be the whole of the law", otherwise known as "Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll"...


 2021-12-04  2h11m

The Nationalist Enquirer: Boosterstraps and Mudblood Theory

Your midweek booster shot of Pfizermecdernazetica...because SCIENCE™ said so! This week theme is MORE!


(((Elves))) School Shooters Fake Trials Gay Variants CEO's Stepping Down Frogbots Chinese Cringe Cups

With: Johnny, Dogbot, and Jack

Break Music: Depths of Despair, by Distant Dream

Tales From The Necronormiecon:read by Jack Hoffmen

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 2021-12-02  1h53m