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Passionate people, deep conversations. Thoughts on how to deal with listening to your heart and some examples to guide us forward. The Passion People Podcast is a series of impromptu conversations about following a passion, making it manifest, and what all comes with it. Hosted by Naga Subramanya B B The Passion People Podcast is a part of Ep.Log Media Podcast Network for partnership/advertising you can contact us on

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episode 10: The Mimes

Mimes Girish and Vinod follow their passion doing a full time job? Especially if it is something like theater which takes a long time to crystallize and monetize.? Our podcast with Mime and Theater Artists, Girish and Vinod talk about the challenges involved in achieving this, mindset required to reach there and what kind of involvement their families have. Their grit, dedication and certainty is one that is infectious and one that you need to tune in to feel...


 2017-04-28  34m

episode 11: The Aromachologist

Leave a job you absolutely love and adore? For what? To listen to that voice inside you head of course. Call it intuition or call it passion. But that is what our Passion Person today, Akshara Kumar did when she left working for a corporate to come back to her home town and start her own Essential Oils brand, Truly Essential. We discuss the difficulties Akshara faced becoming a woman entrepreneur to the importance of energy while sipping some delicious coffee...


 2017-05-12  34m

episode 14: The Ambassador

What next after Stanford and Harvard? What is your view of the world? These are the questions that we seek to answer from Nruthya, our Passion Person who is looking to leverage technology to change the lives of millions of people. I call her the ambassador because she represents what we can all be, how we can think in a way to move the world forward and make it a better place...


 2017-06-23  39m

episode 15: The Mesomorph

How do you deal with something that blows the wind out of your sails? Dive into something so deep that you eventually find out what your passion is!! That is what Nauman did as he found out that he has a passion for fitness which blended excellently with his interest in Biology...


 2017-07-07  38m

episode 16: The Thespian

Second Runner up of Miss Hyderabad, Debby Das is our 16th Passion Person! We go through her journey of accidentally discovering her passion to be an actor and a hugely successful model, the difficulties that people in this line of work generally have and shattered the stereotypes that models are a bit slow or lacking intellectually!All this while doing a full time job means that she had the flexibility to choose which gigs to take and which not to, her passion also made her better at her work!...


 2017-07-21  37m

episode 17: The Gelatician

A work project in Italy brought Gelatos to Ajay's life. He was amazed at the kind of dedication, passion and ideas that the Italians generated around this naturally made dish. Ajay is passionate not only about Gelatos but also about living life well. In this episode he dives deep into the "chemicals" of the food industry, how his brush with Gelato started and what it means to be an entrepreneur in a small town like Mysore. Tune in and find out more! :) Read more at - https://medium...


 2017-08-04  35m

episode 18: The (Computer) Scientist

What happens when your job is your passion? What are the decision making frameworks? Sanchit talks about how growing up in various parts of India moulded his life, the new perspective that is needed to change India. A lot of tangible takeaways are waiting to be obtained from our latest passion person! Sanchit would love to hear from you -, to reach out to Naga Subramanya your podcast curator write me a note at naagasubramanya@gmail...


 2017-08-18  43m

episode 19: The Fantasy Framer

Ashwin Saravanan is a man who needs no introduction in South India. He dived into the spotlight with his super hit thriller - Maya. But this is the first time he goes in depth to describe his story, struggle and what inspires him to do what he loves and is passionate about on a daily basis. Listening to him speak, one drifts away...


 2017-09-01  43m

episode 20: The Change Actor

For Sujatha, life began when her daughter grew up. It was at this point that she decided to take up theater, teaching, counselling and advocating against the biases that children and people have as they grow up through the medium of theater. Our 20th episode is definitely something special and you need to tune in to find out more! The episode was not only about Passion but about building a life around that pivotal theme and how we must stand up for what we believe in...


 2017-09-15  46m

episode 21: The Add Venturer

I do not know what category to put this guy in. He's a Lawyer, Traveler and a Photographer. One of the people who has been a maverick and following his dreams right for almost over a decade now. I am very proud to present to you, Ganesha the Add Venturer the Founder of Add Ventures Unlimited an offbeat Adventure firm that has been the way Ganesha has made his passion manifest...


 2017-09-29  40m