The People's Countryside Environmental Debate Podcast

This podcast's for anyone wanting to explore the big issues, stretching your thinking in relatable ways. Well known personalities, Stuart ‘The Wildman’ Mabbutt and photographer William Mankelow, two men in their 40s, who aren't experts, but have opinions, authentic views and no scripts. Join them on meandering conversations about nature, philosophy, climate, the human condition, and sustainability. Sometimes joined by guests, or discussing listener questions between themselves. Always full of fun anecdotes and a bit of silliness.

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Does Tidiness Actually Exist?

"Is the council not mowing the grassed areas in Oxford, a genuine attempt at rewilding, or a consequence of labour and funding shortages?"

It says in the title of this podcast, that its a debate, but this is more a conversational style podcast. What we guarantee you is, real discussions, real opinions, real views, no scripts.

Join hosts Stuart and William, as they examine a question from long time listener Alan, in Northway, Oxford, England...



Net Zero Or 1 Million Listens?

"Humans contribute 3% to co2 emissions and 97% is produced by nature. Are we being sold the great green agenda? Is it all a big con?"

Join Stuart and William on another roaming and insightful discussion. They're not experts, they will however explore this question, in a relatable way for you the listener.

Today they embark on discussing a question from listener Carida from Jamaica...



Is Mass Tree Planting The Answer?

"Is mass tree planting really the holy grail we perceive it to be?"

Join hosts Stuart and William, in their usual far reaching discussion style podcast, as they mull over a question from Bushra, in India.

Their aim, generally, is to divide all the issues into bite sized chunks, and along the way, challenge and contest their own and your mindsets, habits, and beliefs...



The Unseen Life In The World

"Our failure to comprehend the ecology that inhabits the darkness, limits humanities true understanding of the living world around us. There’s lots of unseen life out there. Can you share your thoughts around this?"

Once again, join Stuart and William on another wandering and insightful discussion. Often serious, often silly, in fact this episode is both, in equal measure. Today they embark on discussing a listener question, from Brinda in India...



Climate Emergency Declaration

"The government in the UK, has declared a climate emergency, yet has still to formally address the nation. Wouldn’t you have thought this would happen as standard in some form or other, if it were a genuine declaration?"

An unscripted real exploration, with genuine opinions, as hosts Stuart and William examine a listener question from Victor in North London, England.

They're not experts, they will however delve into the subject, in a relatable way, for you the listener...



The More Important Disasters

"We hardly ever see any reports in UK of African disasters...



Protesters: Soap Dodging Dropouts, Privileged White Middle Class, Or Something Else?

"Climate protestors are too often dismissed as people who should go back to work, or comments are made that the benefits system is paying too well, allowing people to protest. Protesters are either privileged white middle class, or stinking, soap dodging, drop outs...



Protesting For System Change

"Protesters are protesting for system change, but the system, whatever it is, doesn't want to change. The system is taking away the right and ability to protest bit by bit here in the UK...



By The People For The People

"Citizen journalism, by the people for the people, is that the future?"

Two men, one in his 40s, the other tipping into his 50's, recording face to face, for the final time for a while.

Stuart and William take on a question sent in by listener Ebba from Västra Götaland, Sweden, which they approach in their usual open, and honest way. This is Ebba's first question and it's hoped she sends a follow up one too...



It's World Vegan Day

Hosts Stuart and William mark World Vegan Day in this bonus episode for you of The People's Countryside Environmental Debate Podcast...


 2021-11-01  6m