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A podcast by dads for dads who share their fatherhood stories so parents can learn from their experiences. For a decade Sal & Rob have been progressing through their fatherhood journeys, taking notes of things that worked and did not work. Tune in and discover what they have learned throughout the years. They will share their “Dad Lessons” with the parents who listen. They will tackle subjects that guys will typically not talk about so that fathers can learn parenting tips, health tips, social media, device management, relationship advice, handling loss, divorce, bourbon, family dynamics, and much more! Their goal is to impart as much knowledge to the fatherhood community so that all dads have information and make informed decisions. The guys celebrate each episode by closing it out with a bourbon tasting which includes tasting notes & a barrel rating!

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episode 35: 2.35 Health Wealth & Relationships

Do you need help balancing your priorities in life?  Listen in for Brett Turley joins the Rad Dads to discuss how important Health Wealth and Relationships are for any father!  He tells how he rebounded from the loss of his daughter and the impact on his...



episode 34: 2.34 Lets Learn about Science

Stephanie Ryan (Lets Learn About Science) joins the Rad Dads and discusses STEAM & STEM and how to make them impactful to your kids.  What is the benefit of children knowing the different states of an item?  What are the top three STEM experiments to do ...



episode 33: 2.33 Serving your Country and Parenting

Rad Dad & Active military petty officer Mike Saputo joins the show to discuss parenting while being an active military member.  He sheds some light on how to have that SEX conversation with your teenagers and also drops some truthful in-your-face parenti...



episode 32: 2.32 Back to School with Masks?

Do you rad dads believe mask mandates be allowed for our kids in school?  Do parents believe mask mandates inhibit your children's ability to learn?  When we were kids did we have a supply list as vast as our children do? We discuss the vaccine cards and...


 2021-08-15  30m

episode 31: 2.31 Ready for your Fantasy Draft?

Brian Scott, of The Injured List Podcast, joins the Rad Dads to discuss the current conditions of some of last year's most devastating injuries within the NFL.  Should you draft them for your team this year?  Will they be a shadow of their former self?  ...


 2021-08-08  41m

episode 30: 2.30 Dad Advice Project

Craig Kessler, COO of Topgolf, joins the Rad Dads to discuss his recently released book The Dad Advice Project.  The book consolidates 40 letters from dads from all walks of life.  They contain letters from golfers, executives, CIA directors, neighbors, ...


 2021-08-01  21m

episode 29: 2.29 Can you fight in front of your kids?

The Rad Dads talk about: What does fighting in front of children do?  Should parents avoid fighting in front of their children?   How do empty threats impact your parenting efficiency?  Should Sal allow his kids to play video games?   Ya'll know Rob's ta...


 2021-07-25  36m

episode 28: 2.28 Personality Types

We are joined by Merrick Rosenberg, CEO of Take Flight Learning and author of Chameleon & Taking Flight! Personality types can directly impact how you parent your children.  Each child is different and you cannot parent them the same as they have differe...


 2021-07-18  26m

episode 27: 2.27 Help the Addicted Child

Rick Capriola joins us to discuss his recently released book The Addicted Child.  It is an incredible interview where we discuss adolescent addiction, treatment plans, what are the warning signs, etc. We discuss what drives adolescents to substances such...


 2021-07-11  30m

episode 26: 2.26 50th Episode - Heigold Tasting

Rob & Sal celebrate their 50th episode with Adam Edwards the brand ambassador for Rabbit Hole.  We do a deep dive into the bourbon process and how the temperature fluctuations are imperative to the process and the oak barrels used by rabbit hole are so i...


 2021-07-04  52m