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Join Dru and Susannah as they discuss every aspect of mobile app development with our amazing and inspiring guests. Season 12 brings back the tech but with a nice mixture on the softer skills. Our goal is to help you learn something new each episode and level up your career!

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 40m. Bisher sind 140 Folge(n) erschienen. Dieser Podcast erscheint jede zweite Woche.

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Jetpack Compose with Denis Buketa – Podcast S10 E13

On this episode, Denis gives us a deeper dive into Jetpack Compose. Later Alex and I will talk about Season 10 and how you could help with Season 11.


 2020-08-12  40m

CryptoNetwork and Blockchain with Ben DiFrancesco – Podcast S10 E12

On this episode, Ben DiFrancesco talks about the secrets of CryptoNetworks and the all too mysterious technology of BlockChains. After Alex talks about the Flutter game engine “Flame.”


 2020-07-29  44m

Mastering Git with Chris Belanger – Podcast S10 E11

On this episode, Chris Belanger walks us through the wonderful world of Git. After, Dru looks back on WWDC(Virtual)2020.


 2020-07-15  47m

Android App Architecture with Vijay Sharma – Podcast S10 E10

Vijay Sharma wears his Jetpack and helps us understand MVVM and App Architecture for Android. After Alex refreshes his knowledge of Jetpack Compose.


 2020-07-01  46m

Fastlane with Brian Schick – Podcast S10 E9

Brian Schick kicks us into high efficiency with Fastlane. After Dru talks about Unit Tests and why they are so helpful.


 2020-06-17  45m

Flutter with Brian Kayfitz – Podcast S10 E08

At long last Brian Kayfitz flies in to tell us exactly how to Flutter. Later Alex talks about the value of communication as a developer.


 2020-06-03  45m

Mac Catalyst with Andy Pereira – Podcast S10 E7

Dru flips the switch on his 50th show with Andy Pereira telling us how easy Catalyst can be. After Dru talks about transitioning from developer to architect.


 2020-05-20  45m

TDD for Android with Victoria Gonda – Podcast S10 E06

This episode we check our work before we do it at Victoria Gonda gives gets us up to speed with Test driven development. Later Alex tells us what he's learnt this season after he's worked with coroutines.


 2020-05-06  45m

Swift UI In Production with Lea Marolt Sonnenschein – Podcast S10 E5

Lea Marolt Sonnenschein and the team roll up our sleeves to see what it's like to use SwiftUI in a practical application. After Dru talks about third parties development woes in the face of Apple buying a small company.


 2020-04-22  44m

Coroutines in Kotlin with Filip Babić – Podcast S10 E04

We continue out asynchronous journey on the Android side with Filip Babić as we delve into Kotlin Coroutines. Later Alex gives us a teaser for later in the season as he gets his first taste of Flutter.


 2020-04-08  44m