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Get Ready to Laugh (for sure) and Learn (we hope): The RelationShop is the fastest growing and most listened to radio show heard on Power 77 Radio. Now, we are going to be the fastest growing Podcast (said nobody). Join the hosts: Jason "Bubbles" with his "stupendous" Top Five Lists, Toya, who tries her best to keep the show on track, and Eric "White Delight" who sometimes always say the right thing. Be sure to subscribe and listen.Each episode builds on top of the next episode, so start with the Pilot.Fortunately, the quality of the show improves with each episode.Rating and commenting helps us improve. What is the Show About: The RelationShop crew discuss relationships seen on reality TV (90 Day Fiancé, Married at First Sight, etc.) and throughout Pop Culture to provide good relationship advice that works. Connect with Us: Be sure to send in your relationship questions. We may even mention you on the show. Anonymously of course, maybe. Just kidding. Unless, you...are...okay with going public. ??? E-mail: About Us: Power 77 Radio - Altared Marriage - www.altaredmarriage...

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episode 76: How To Break Free From People Pleasing?

What’s the definition of people pleasing?  Aren’t you suppose to put others first? Especially, your spouse? Or, are you suppose to think of yourself first?

The RelationShop crew talks about the characters around people pleasing and putting your spouse first. Also, they provide some questions you can answer that can provide some insight if, you are a people pleaser.

Toya fumbles Eric’s RelationShots promo. Jason’s dad gets offended. Eric corrects Toya with “manning up...


 2021-03-09  31m

episode 75: 7 Tips To Approach Difficult Conversations

Can you and your spouse have tough conversations without negative emotions?  How do you set the stage to have difficult conversations? Eric, Toya, and Jason discuss ways to make hard talks easier to handle.

Jason hosts:  What Advice Is Snoop Dog Giving?

Pop Culture:  

90 Day Fiancé; Brandon and Julia; Snoop Dogg

Show References 

Episode 6: How To Communicate With Your Partner And Win...


 2021-03-02  30m

episode 74: Top Relationship Hacks To Make The Honeymoon Last

Do you want your marriage to feel like a vacation!? Is it impossible to recreate the feeling of the honeymoon stage after it ends?  Is it healthy to have an everlasting honeymoon?  The RelationShop crew explores the different aspects of the honeymoon stage and ways to keep the marriage feeling great.

Toya is blasted by Eric for believing in reality TV and social media.

Listener question about admitting feelings for another person to their spouse...


 2021-02-23  30m

episode 73: Is Compromising A Sign Of Weakness In Your Relationship?

Do you think compromising is negative, manipulative, unrealistic, worthless, unfair, controlling, or it makes you look weak? 

The RelationShop crew talks about the importance of compromise and how it can be used in a healthy relationship. Also, things to avoid to ensure compromise is realistic in your relationship.

Jason plays a game “Did This Quote Come From A Movie, Song, or Counselor?”with Toya and Eric...


 2021-02-13  31m

episode 72: The Absolute Best Date Ideas for 2021?

Are you in need of some new and fresh date ideas to revitalize your marriage? What’s the importance of dating your spouse? Also, do you know the DONT’s in dating? And, Jason, what in the world is Glover’s Mane?

The RelationShop crew go over some unique dating ideas that are cost effective and some of the these ideas are great during COVID.

Jason realizes what he needs for Eric to play nice...


 2021-02-06  31m

episode 71: The Absolute Best Ways To Create Vision For Your Relationship

Do you remember how excited you were for Vision 2020?  Well, we are going to try this again. Vision 2021.

Are you in a relationship just because it is fun and it feels good? Have you ever thought about a vision for your relationship?  What are your values and what are your goals?

Toya, Eric, and Jason talk about their experiences with setting goals for their marriage prior to marriage and during marriage. Eric gives Jason flack for his poor attendance with Life Group...


 2021-01-30  31m

episode 70: Toya’s Story: How To Recover After Broken Trust?

Toya and her husband Ahmad Rashad go into their marriage story and how they were able to overcome broken trust and poor expectations. 

Listener question about her husband suffering his mother’s death on their wedding anniversary.


Toya: Marriage Advice For Women

Altared Marriage: We Help Make Your Marriage Thrive

RelationShots: Quick Videos With Relationship Tips and Advice

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 2021-01-23  42m

episode 69: How To Handle Stress Through The Holidays?

Is your holiday season full of tension and anxiety?  Do you have relatives that you try to avoid, but because grandma wants to see everyone, you have no choice?  How do you split the holidays between your in-laws. What do you do, if you and your in-laws don’t like your spouse?  The RelationShop crew answers these questions to help you find peace during the most wonderful time of the year...


 2021-01-16  31m

episode 68: The Top Four Reasons Why People Cheat

The RelationShop go over the four areas that clarify the reasons for cheating. Examples of each are given. A major challenge for singles is proposed before they get married. Eric keeps his favorite phrase.

Listener question about unable to sleep with a spouse who has the TV on, when needing darkness and silence.

Pop Culture: Sleepless in Seattle, Denzel Washington, Snow White, Carl Lentz, Hillsong; The Marriage Story, Netflix...


 2021-01-09  31m

episode 67: I Married The Wrong Person, Now What?!

What should you do, when you married the wrong person? Should you focus on your own happiness, get a side piece, or get a divorce. The RelationShop crew go through the motives behind the reasons behind why people feel they married the wrong person. They also examine, if these couples marry for the right or wrong reasons.  Eric brings back his most famous phrase. Jason mentions the only black actor he knows.

Listener question about taking Santa out of Christmas...


 2021-01-02  30m