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Get Ready to Laugh (for sure) and Learn (we hope): The RelationShop is the fastest growing and most listened to radio show heard on Power 77 Radio. Now, we are going to be the fastest growing Podcast (said nobody). Join the hosts: Jason "Bubbles" with his "stupendous" Top Five Lists, Toya, who tries her best to keep the show on track, and Eric "White Delight" who sometimes always say the right thing. Be sure to subscribe and listen.Each episode builds on top of the next episode, so start with the Pilot.Fortunately, the quality of the show improves with each episode.Rating and commenting helps us improve. What is the Show About: The RelationShop crew discuss relationships seen on reality TV (90 Day Fiancé, Married at First Sight, etc.) and throughout Pop Culture to provide good relationship advice that works. Connect with Us: Be sure to send in your relationship questions. We may even mention you on the show. Anonymously of course, maybe. Just kidding. Unless, you...are...okay with going public. ??? E-mail: About Us: Power 77 Radio - Altared Marriage - www.altaredmarriage...

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episode 91: How Selfless Love Differs From Selfish Love?

How do you know that you have selfless love for someone and it’s not a selfish love.

Eric, Toya, and Jason identify what does it really mean to love someone.

Eric talks about his daughters dating life.

Jason’s Game: Quotes About Romance Movies

Listener Question about

Pop Culture: Married at First Sight; Ryan and Clara; Vincent and Briana; Jacob & Hayley. The Notebook; Ryan Gosling...



episode 90: What's A High Value Man?

What is a high-value man? Do they really exist? Do they provide healthy relationships? The RelationShop crew breaks down the core values of a high-value man and share their opinions on the definition of a high-value man.

Jason plays a game: Fix The Quote.

Pop Culture: Kevin Samuels, Bill Gates, Jeffery Epstein, Jeff Bezos...



episode 89: The Myth of Marriages

*Part of this show has been cut due to technical difficulties*

The RelationShop crew discuss the misunderstandings of marriage and how to prepare realistically for holy matrimony.

Jason brings in quotes from Kid Rock. Toya struggles with scripture. Jason’s Dad is a little too much for Jason...



episode 88: What Does Marriage Really Mean Today?

The RelationShop crew discusses the real definition of marriage and how it is being changed in today’s culture.


Toya: Marriage Advice For Women

Altared Marriage: We Help Make Your Marriage Thrive

RelationShots: Quick Videos With Relationship Tips and Advice

Merchandise: Shirts, Sweaters, Etc...



episode 87: How To Deal With Toxic People?

What is a toxic person and what is a toxic relationship? We all know physical abuse is easy to detect and mental abuse is becoming more known as toxic...



episode 86: Understanding Relationship Cycles

The person who has unhealthy behavior has the hardest time seeing their relationship cycles. The RelationShop tacked three areas of cycles: Decisions, Belief, and Outcome. They also examine cycles that start in the dating phase and how they continue into the marriage.Jason Plays A Game “Guess The Comedian’s Quote” and Toya, once again, will try to beat Eric.

Eric teases Toya’s singing and he realizes Jason keeps him in a cycle...


 2021-05-18  30m

episode 85: Long Lasting and Healthy Sex Life In Your Marriage

Would you categorize your sex life as healthy in your marriage? Have you thought about adding characteristics such as communication as apart of a healthy sex life. The crew will reveal the characteristics needed to create a healthy sexual relationship in your marriage.Jason hosts Celebrity Advice with Bell Biv DeVoe. Toya tries to redeem herself, but Eric is a huge fan of BBD...


 2021-05-11  35m

episode 84: The Source of Conflict In Your Relationship

Did you know there is personal and relational side of the conflict? Toya, Eric, and Jason will explain both sides of conflicts, so you will know how to navigate conflict in your relationship in a healthy manner.

Jason hosts a game “Guess The Quote?” Will Eric win again!?

Eric teaches Jason how to effectively plagiarize quotes...


 2021-05-04  30m

episode 83: How To Break Down Your Spouse’s Walls?

Are you struggling with your spouse being vulnerable? Does your spouse shut down? How about the lack of intimacy? Does your spouse open up emotionally?

The RelationShop crew discusses their personal walls that created an issue in their marriages. Additionally, they provide a list of potential walls that you may be experiencing and how to overcome those situations...


 2021-04-27  31m

episode 82: How To Recover From Divorce?

Do you know someone who’s been divorced? Have you gone through a divorce? What’s the biggest emotion a divorced person suffers? How to navigate through a divorce?

Eric, Toya, and Jason discuss the emotions surrounding divorce and also provide practical advice on how to recover from the negative circumstances of divorce.

Jason hosts a game: What Advice Would Prince Give?

Listener question about forgiving her husband with cheating...


 2021-04-20  30m