The Restart Project Podcast

A bi-weekly talk show by The Restart Project, plus a monthly documentary series produced by brilliant podcaster Dave Pickering, based on fixing triumphs, heartbreaks and wisdom shared at our community repair events – called Restart Parties – here in London. We go into real depth about good and bad design, obstacles to repair of electronics, emotional aspects of ownership, environmentally irresponsible business models, and the “end of life” of our gadgets. This podcast is for you if you'd like to fix your relationship with electronics. Let’s rethink, restart.

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Restart Podcast Ep. 49: Tinker travelling with Mend It, Australia

Two tinker-travelling retirees from Melbourne, Australia fill our podcast with positive energy and joy this month. Dave talks to Karen and Danny, who spend their weekends travelling and helping new community repair groups get started in their homestate...



Restart Podcast Ep. 48: Henrik versus Goliath Corporation

We interview Norwegian professional repairer Henrik Huseby about his court battle against Apple, which will reach Norway's Supreme Court next year.


 2019-12-17  29m

Restart Podcast Ep. 47: Secondhand around the world with Adam Minter

This month we chat with author Adam Minter on his newest book "Secondhand: Travels In The New Global Garage Sale". It's a very eye-opening and human take on massive flows of stuff and resources that often go overlooked.


 2019-11-26  51m

Restart Podcast Ep. 46: Stories from our repair data

In this episode, Dave interviews Monique Szpak, Community Coordinator for Data for The Restart Project. She takes us on a tour of the data collected at community repair events across the world by The Open Repair Alliance.


 2019-10-24  38m

Restart Podcast Ep. 45: “No TV left behind”– the quiet importance of television standards

This podcast is a meditation on the quiet importance of television standards, which ensure sets remain useful as the years pass. We talk with two engineers working in television testing about creating standards and testing televisions.


 2019-09-25  46m

Restart Radio: Stories from Fixfest Italia

Earlier this year, we visited Fixfest Italia - the first national community repair gathering in Italy. We now want to share the first ever Restart Radio episode in Italian!


 2019-09-13  23m

Restart Podcast Ep. 44: Community infrastructure with Broadband for the Rural North (B4RN)

B4RN is the bold initiative of a community in Lancashire who simply wanted access to the Internet and decided to start their own community-run broadband. It contributes to community cohesion, education and disaster preparedness.


 2019-07-26  38m

Restart Radio: The second lives of computers

With Restarters Ben Skidmore and Dave Lukes, Ugo discusses some tech news and then dives into the world of repurposing computers - how can we give them a second life?


 2019-07-11  29m

Restart Podcast Ep. 43: A life in art, activism and electronic waste with Ravi Agarwal

Ravi Agarwal is an artist and activist based in New Delhi, where he founded the NGO Toxics Link. We hear Ravi's reflections on his life between disciplines.


 2019-06-27  39m

Restart Radio: Climate anxiety and deep adaptation

A climate emergency has been all over the news recently. We talk about the public state of anxiety in the face of climate change and we discuss how our lives might need to change in response to this threat.


 2019-06-13  29m