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episode 616: Roll On: A Little Bit of Everything All Of The Time

Insane feats of endurance. Space-traveling billionaires. Dystopian musical comedy specials. Record-breaking freediving depths. And of course, UFOs. Today is a little bit of everything, all of the time.

Welcome to another edition of ‘Roll On’, wherein myself and my podcast co-pilot Adam Skolnick break bread on matters high-minded and mildly entertaining...



episode 615: Daniel Humm: How The World's Greatest Chef Found Purpose (In Plants)

What happens when one of—if not the—greatest restaurants in the world suddenly goes 100% plant-based?

For perspective, out of the 132 three-star Michelin star restaurants around the world, not a single one is vegan. Suffice it to say, most would say such a move is tantamount to financial suicide.

But Chef Daniel Humm—the world-renown chef and owner of Eleven Madison Park—sees it as the greatest purpose-driven, creative challenge of his lifetime...



episode 614: Rabbi Mordecai Finley: A Jiu-Jitsu Blackbelt On Moral Philosophy, Virtue & The Inner Pharaoh

Our time is defined by a crisis of consciousness and broken spiritual connection. Driven by a materialist, zero-sum approach to everything, we seek answers in ego, money, power and consumption. It’s an addiction that’s wreaking havoc on the planet—and ultimately leaves us empty.

Short of a spiritual reconciliation or outright revolution of the heart, I fear for the future well-being of humanity...



episode 613: Mastering The Mind: A Mental Health Deep Dive

For too long, talking about mental health has been a social taboo.

Shame prevents confronting our struggles. The pressure of our daily lives exacerbates the problem. Compound that with society’s lack of mental health education and you create an epidemic of mental health disorders ranging from chronic stress and anxiety to loneliness and depression. PTSD. And of course, suicide.

The solution to these problems is complicated. But it always begins with talking about them...



episode 612: Hellah Sidibe Ran 3,000 Miles Across The USA (On Plants)— And Kept Going

How do you stay committed to your goals when sh*t gets hard?

There’s an entire industry built on answering this question—and a litany of #lifehacks meant to assuage intolerance for hard work and discipline.

But if you ask today’s guest, he’ll tell you the answer is found in consistently doing what you feel called to do—and doing it for something greater than yourself. It’s about making friendships along the way...



episode 611: Mary Cain Is Fixing Female Sports

A cornerstone of this podcast is the power of sport to catalyze personal and societal change, cultivate confidence, and ultimately transform lives.

But what happens when sport breaks you?

If you’ve listened to my conversations with Lindsay Crouse and Lauren Fleshman, you know this story is all too familiar within athletic institutions—particularly Nike. Today’s guest is busting this paradigm.

Meet Mary Cain...



episode 610: Roll On: Case Studies In Mental Fortitude

Success in all forms demands mental fortitude—a capacity honed through consistently placing yourself beyond comfortable confines. When practiced with daily rigor, an increasingly sturdy mindset becomes a superpower—and the foundation for the purpose-driven life you aspire to inhabit...



episode 609: Van Neistat Is The Spirited Man

A mysterious artist on the cusp of breakthrough success walks away from it all. Beyond the public’s gaze, he spends the next decade pursuing purity, beauty and truths both personal and universal.

Then, like a Jedi returning from parts unknown, the artist resurfaces as ‘The Spirited Man’. And this ‘Spirited Man’ goes by the name Van.

Van Neistat to be precise...


 2021-06-21  2h30m

episode 608: Crush It As A Plant-Based Athlete: Matt Frazier & Robert Cheeke

How can you possibly excel as an athlete on a plant-based diet? Where do you get your protein? Don’t you need meat to be fit?

If you’re a long-time whole food, plant-based enthusiast, chances are you’ve been asked these questions more times than you can count. For the rest of you, let’s put these questions to the test...


 2021-06-14  2h39m

episode 607: Guru Singh On Our Addiction To 'Normal'

It's been over a year since we dipped our toes in the rippling currents of the spiritual deep end.

To make amends for this grievous and much delayed pause, today marks the the welcome return of my favorite wizard and sparring partner when it comes to matters mystical, Guru Singh —here to resuscitate another round of Guru Multiverse.

The master of the Kundalini arts, now presiding over Kundalini University, Guru Singh has paid many a visit to this show...


 2021-06-10  1h24m