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Ryland Engelhart’s Philosophy Is Gratitude: Thoughts On Soil, Sacred Commerce & Sustainability

“Love is not something found in a person, place or thing. It’s something that is ever present in our hearts...



Soil Is Everything: John & Molly Chester’s Biggest Little Farm

“This all started with a promise that we would leave the big city and build a life in perfect harmony...



Awareness Is A Superpower

“Be aware of the ignorance without judging the ignorance.” Guru Singh Making his 9th appearance on the podcast, today marks...



He Ran Across America — On Plants

“Just because something is hard in the beginning doesn’t mean it’s always going to be.” Robbie Balenger Imagine running an ultramarathon....



Edward Norton: Thoughts On Ego, Taking Big Swings & Speaking Truth To Power

“I think ego is the deepest addiction there is.” Edward Norton One of the most acclaimed actors of his generation,...



Dean Karnazes Is Running For Good: Lessons On Longevity & Embracing Discomfort

“Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.” Dean Karnazes Gracing...



Rodrigo y Gabriela: Musical Mystics On Mettavolution, Meditation & Mastery (+ Mini-Concert!)

“Music is mystical. At the beginning, you don’t even know why. You just feel. Then you hit a point when you forget...


 2019-11-04  1h36m

Stop Compromising Yourself: Mark Manson On Hope, Human Dignity & The Perils of Comfort

“Constant stimulation complicates our understanding of ourselves. The more options we have, the less willing we are to compromise what we...


 2019-10-28  1h59m

Amelia Boone Is A Human Being (And Still A Badass)

“I don’t want to be ‘the eating disorder recovery girl’, I don’t want to be ‘the athlete’. This is just...


 2019-10-24  2h20m

Can A Burger Help Save The Planet? Impossible Foods CEO Pat Brown Says Yes

“The mission of Impossible Foods is very simple. It’s to completely replace animals in the food system by 2035.” Pat...


 2019-10-21  2h22m