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episode 646: RAAM Victor Leah Goldstein Turns Pain Into Fuel: Life Pivots & The Power of A No Quit, No Limit Attitude

What does it take to achieve the impossible? Don’t set limits. And never quit. Ever.

The full embodiment of this ethos, today’s guest has never met an obstacle she couldn’t overcome, transcending every limit ever placed upon her. Her secret?

Never give pain a voice.

An extraordinary athlete and absolute force of nature, Leah Goldstein has lived one of the more interesting lives you will ever come across...



episode 645: Your Life Is Now: Mike Posner On Walking America, Summiting Everest & Crafting Hit Music

The core of every hero’s journey is a desire to step into the unknown, seek adventure, and above all, embrace metamorphosis.

For Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Mike Posner, that meant trading the comforts of Hollywood for a Mount Everest base camp—and ditching the tour bus to instead walk across America.

Let me explain...



episode 644: A Masterclass on Addiction & Recovery

Across the world, untold millions fall prey to some form of addiction. If you or someone you know suffers in silence, there is hope. Today’s episode casts a light on this epidemic of darkness and paves a solution-based path towards hope.

A recovering alcoholic myself, I’ve danced with that darkness. Tasted the desperation. And felt the loneliness.

Time and again I failed at arresting a disease hell-bent on killing me...



episode 643: James & Sunny Lawrence: Crushing 101 Iron-Distance Triathlons In 101 days

Conquering a historic feat of stratospheric proportions nobody thought possible, today’s guests will challenge every assumption you ever harbored about the outer limits of human capability.

In 2010, Jason Lester and I were the first to complete EPIC5—5 consecutive iron-distance triathlons on 5 Hawaiian Islands in just over 6 days.

I’m proud of that accomplishment. More proud that it has inspired others to rewrite their rulebook on personal possibility...



episode 642: Jason Caldwell On Rowing Oceans, High-Performance Team Building, Experiential Leadership & Chasing The Impossible

Adventure begins when things start to go wrong. So stop looking for the shortcut. Embrace the difficult journey ahead.

Few embody this ethos better than today’s guest Jason Caldwell...



episode 641: Roll On: Fatherhood, Face-Off & The FAR Event

Dadding. Surfing with Zuckerberg. Celebrating Ten Thousand’s glorious new FAR line with Robbie Balenger. And of course, the Adam-Brogan faceoff we’ve all been waiting for.

Welcome to another hotly anticipated edition of ‘Roll On,’ wherein myself and my undefeated podcast co-pilot Adam Skolnick (and our intruding guest Brogan Graham) hone on matters of contemporaneous import, and more than anything, get a bit silly...



episode 640: Andrew Yang On Grace, Tolerance & Human-Centered Government

Like many, I despair of our country’s division, which is rapidly expanding in lockstep with our inability to productively communicate alongside growing distrust in institutions and the media.

Also like many, I want solutions. Much of this rests with us. But we also need leadership.

Across the political landscape, most elected officials understand this problem and its gravity. However, very few proffer solutions beyond the beaten path...



episode 639: From Actor To Change Agent: Adrian Grenier On Creating Symbiosis With Self

What happens when you’re massively rich, famous, and rewarded for living a life of over-indulgence?

If you’re lucky, you awake one day to realize that a life of sex, drugs, rock & roll—a life you were convinced would make you happy—only leaves you empty.

You then embark on a Victor Frankl-esque search for meaning that ultimately leads to spiritual awakening and a path towards purpose, self-actualization, and service...


 2021-11-04  2h2m

episode 638: Simon Hill On Proving Plant-Based Diet Positives

Beyond politics and religion, few topics are more hotly debated than nutrition.

But when we consider the totality of health—not just human health, but planetary, ecosystem, soil, and animal well-being—the science is irrefutable: a diet that is as plant-exclusive as possible is best.

Nonetheless, misinformation fueled by emotions and ideological tribalism persists. Confusion propagates...


 2021-11-01  3h27m

episode 637: Julie Piatt: Wealth Is The Community You Keep

It’s time to once again transcend the mortal coil to reconnect with matters ethereal and divine, truths both big and small.

Our prophetess for this spiritual trip is healer, mother, and creator Julie Piatt.

Longtime listeners are well acquainted with the one who goes by SriMati—my in-house guru and better half. A human who is very good at many things, Julie is an accomplished yogi, musician, chef, and mom to our four children...


 2021-10-28  1h47m