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Stormy Daniels sues ex-attorney and Trump lawyer Michael Cohen; says they "colluded" to "manipulate" her to benefit Trump; Key republicans refute Trumps claim of FBI campaign spy; Giuliani: Mueller team "trying very, very hard to frame" Trump

Daniels' lawyer: Text messages show prior denials by Trump and Cohen about Stormy Daniels where "absolute lies"; Trump commutes life sentence of first-time drug offender after White House visit by Kim Kardashian; Trump defends tariffs in testy call with Canadian PM; asked, "didn't you guys burn down the White House?" Speaker Ryan: Trump "shouldn't" try to pardon himself; Attempted murder suspect shows up to work at White House; Muslim leaders to skip Trump White House dinner tonight; Dennis...


 2018-06-07  36m

White House accuses Eagles of "political stunt" for offering "tiny handful" of representatives to ceremony, GOP's Graham breaks with Trump, says Sessions was right to recuse himself from Russia investigation, Special counsel accuses Manafort of witness ta

White House official: Trump cancelled Eagles' visit because he was infuriated at expected low turnout, White House refuses to explain or correct misleading statements, White House Press Secretary: my "credibility" higher than media's, more legal trouble for ex-Trump campaign chairman; Paul Manafort now accused of witness tampering, Mueller team accuses Manafort of witness tampering, asks judge to send him to jail as he awaits trial, Papadopoulos' wife asks Trump to pardon her husband, Education...


 2018-06-06  37m

White House dodges questions on its false statement about Trump Tower meeting with Russians; White House says Trump "certainly not" above the law after he claims "absolute right" to pardon himself; White House says "no one is above the law" after presiden

White House insists president has done nothing wrong, refuses to answer why president would need to pardon himself; White House refuses to say why president's lawyers are cooperating with special counsel probe after he called it "unconstitutional"; First person jailed in Mueller probe released; Clinton says he doesn't owe Lewinsky a private apology; Melania Trump schedules first appearance in weeks; Trump lawyers: president dictated statement; Kim Jong Un purges three top generals; Trump claims...


 2018-06-05  36m

Trump confirms June 12 summit with Kim Jong Un after Oval Office meeting with dictator's top aide; 3.8% unemployment rate matches 50-year low, but strong jobs report comes amid trade war fears; Stone: pardons reminder to Muller of Trump's "awesome" power

Trump: Summit with North Korea will go on as planned; will meet with Kim Jong Un in Singapore on June 12; Trump breaks protocol, tweets about job report before release; U.S. allies vow to retaliate for Trump's new tariffs; Canada, Mexico and the EU will target American goods; Last minute pleas for Missouri governor to act on death-row inmate


 2018-06-02  36m

Trump pardons conservative Pundit, may pardon Martha Stewart and Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich; Kim Jong Un's ex-spy chief to deliver letter to Trump; Source: Trump pressured Attorney General Sessions on multiple occasions to reverse recusal in

Democrats see pardons as signal Trump aides caught in Mueller probe; Trump bypasses Justice Department to pardon conservative Pundit; Pompeo: "Real progress" with North Korea in last 72 hours; Isis supporter plotted to kidnap Britain's Prince George


 2018-06-01  37m

Giuliani presses Mueller to wrap up probe by September; Senate intel divided on Trump campaign-Russia collusion; Trump's personal attorney Cohen recorded conversations, lawyer confirms in court

White House: Trump not defending Roseanne, but targeting "media bias"; GOP's Gowdy refutes Trump, Nunes "spy" conspiracy; After Gowdy refutes Trump, White House says still "cause for concern"; Stormy's lawyer asks for release of Cohen recordings after they confirmed for first time in court; Trump rips Attorney General, wishes he hadn't picked him; Russia denounces faked murder of Putin critic; Trump switching to a healthier diet.


 2018-05-31  41m

ABC cancels "Roseanne" after star's racist tweets, Kim Jong Un's right-hand man on his way to U.S., Embattled Missouri Governor resigns

Trump heads to rally after new conspiracy rant, ABC: Roseanne Barr's Tweets "abhorrent, repugnant", Trump heads to rally after new conspiracy rant; falsely claims Mueller will meddle in midterms, embattled Missouri governor resigns, White House: "bigger things going on" than Roseanne scandal, First Lady's absence from public events sparks questions


 2018-05-30  41m

Giuliani to CNN: Trump attacks on Mueller probe are part of a political strategy to sway public opinion on impeachment; Senator Rubio: "No evidence" supporting Trump's spy claim; North Korea Summit preparations continue amid uncertainty

Summit preparations continue amid uncertainty; U.S. delegations in North Korea & Singapore for Summit preps; Solemn graveside tributes mark Memorial Day; Immigrant who rescued child gets citizenship & a job; State of emergency declared after catastrophic flash flood; 30 million under flood watches as Alberto makes landfall; Nearly 1,500 immigrant children in U.S. unaccounted for


 2018-05-29  36m

Trump: Kim Summit may still happen, "Everybody plays games"; GOP's McConnell: No surprises during briefing on FBI source; Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein arrested on rape charges

U.S. and North Korea resume talks on Summit; Trump: Summit could be back on, "It could even be the 12th"; GOP's McConnell: No surprises in briefing on Trump's spy claim; CNN: Russian Oligarch met with Trump's lawyer during transition; CNN attempts to question Russian who met with Cohen; Trump repeats unproven claim that FBI placed "spy" in campaign; Dems: Briefings yielded "no evidence" for Trump's spy claim; Senior Admin Official: "Way more optimistic" on Trump-Kim Summit


 2018-05-26  42m

Trump touts military might after canceling Kim Summit; says U.S. "ready" if North Korea commits "foolish" acts; CNN: Special counsel and Trump's lawyers discussed January date for presidential interview with Mueller; Lava surging from fissures around volc

Intelligence officials brief lawmakers on FBI "source"; Dems: No evidence in briefings to support claim of "spy"; GOP Hill staffer tells CNN: White House lawyer showing up at classified briefing is "the craziest sh*t I ever heard"; CNN: President's legal team rejected January date for special counsel interview with Trump; Trump cancels Kim summit, says it could take place later


 2018-05-25  47m