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episode 741: HOONIGAN's Vin Anatra (@vin_tra)

If you've watched any of HOONIGAN's content you probably know Vin Anatra (AKA @vin_tra). He's built numerous cars for the channel, has had a very cool automotive history, and his knowledge of modified cars is damn impressive.

We talk about the cars he's owned, why he sold his NSX, the sketchy Porsche he bought, the good Porsche he has now, how he got a job at HOONIGAN, balancing business meetings and burnouts, his Mitsubishi Evo project, and a whole lot more...


 2022-07-07  1h36m

episode 740: Pikes Peak Pt 3: Rainy Interviews, Rollovers and Race Results

Part 3 of our Pikes Peak Hill Climb coverage! First, we're in the rainy pits on race day talking to a number of drivers about their plan for the conditions. - David Donner is going for the Production Car record in a 992 Porsche 911 Turbo S - James Clay is driving a Bimmerworld-built E36 BMW packing a twin-turbo V8 and more wings than an aviary. - Jonny Lieberman tells us how he feels about the wet conditions (Hint: not good). - Mike Musto shares his thoughts on the event...


 2022-07-05  1h20m

episode 739: Rhys Millen & Joey Seely + Tour Pikes Peak w/ James Robinson

Part 2 of PPIHC is another double-header! First: Rhys Millen and Joey Seely explain their secrets to being fast, the 1300HP 911 they're campaigning, and a bit of Rhys' history at the mountain. Plus, Rhys' weird tire secret. Then, we hop in an MDX with Acura's lead factory driver, James Robinson, who gives us a turn-by-turn tour of the mountain. He points out specific challenges, turns, driving lines, and talks about the event in general, how he started, and his NSX...


 2022-06-30  1h26m

episode 738: Pikes Peak 2022: Jonny Lieberman, Jeff Zwart, David Donahue & Robb Holland

Pikes Peak 2022 Pt.1: First, we stand at Glen Cove and talk about the cars we've seen, weather, altitude, and what the hill climb means to us...


 2022-06-28  1h29m

episode 737: Sell my Stocks Wheels?; Rapide vs Karma; Cars we Miss; Pikes Peak Plan - TST Podcast #737

It's a crew show! Matt went to the HRE open house and saw MANY cars; an interview with the CEO of Aston Martin NA; there's an orange Porsche Cayman S in the driveway; what Pikes Peak car we want to drive; shopping for a Cayenne; Aston Martin Rapide vs...Karma?; and more! Recorded June 20, 2022 Go to and use the promo code TIRE to get 10% off of any BlackVue dash cam. Free shipping for orders over $200. Sign up today at https://www.butcherbox...


 2022-06-23  1h42m

episode 736: Crew Show (Valkyrie ride, hypercar track day, CT5-V vs world, Q&A)

What's it like going around Laguna Seca in the $4M 1000HP street-legal race-ready Aston Martin Valkyrie?! INSANE. We're talking all things Hypercar Invitational. Which cars were there? How fast were they driven? What's it like to ride with The Stig? How much slower (or faster) is the Cadillac CT5-V than a hypercar? Plus, Matt rode in the Aston Martin Valkyrie, a car so fast it changed a man's mind. We talk about what it is, road car vs race car, why it exists, and what time it ran at Laguna...


 2022-06-21  1h37m

episode 735: Alex Roy (The autonomous past/present/future)

Strap in for the most comprehensive 2-hour talk about technology, autonomous cars, challenges, human behavior, and elevators. Alex Roy rose to fame after breaking the cross-country driving record but these days he's focused on one thing: autonomous technology. He works at ARGO AI, a company that develops the hardware, software, mapping, and infrastructure needed for self-driving cars to exist...


 2022-06-16  2h11m

episode 734: Ben Collins (The Stig), Justin Bell, and Randy Pobst

It's a racing driver extravaganza! We're in Monterey at the Hypercar Invitational and the pros are here. We talk to Ben Collins (The Stig) about horsepower levels today, supercar performance, motorcycle racing, and the Zenvo's tilting wing. @bencollinsstig Then we talk to Justin Bell about how technology makes anyone a hero, why he won't ride right-seat in fast things, why Pikes Peak scares the shi*t out of him (compared to Le Mans), Jonny's hill-climb, and...the Zenvo's wing...


 2022-06-14  1h44m

episode 733: Raphael Orlove (Bronco Raptor; Car Crimes; East vs West)

If you've read about cars at any time in the last ten years you've probably read one of Raphael Orlove's articles. He was the Features Editor at Jalopnik for many years, hosted a TV show, and is known for his irreverent style and witty articles. He's now the Deputy Editor at Road & Track...


 2022-06-09  1h12m

episode 732: The Crew Returns (911s in Germany, bird hunting, Q&A)

We're back from hiatus! Zack went to Germany to drive 7 Porsches, including the new RWD/manual-only 911 Sport Classic; Matt went to shoot birds in Uruguay; we cover the Audi RS3 PR lies; and we answer questions about tires, IS Fs, wagons, and more! Go to and use the promo code TIRE to get 10% off of any BlackVue dash cam. Free shipping for orders over $200. Go to https://www.HelloFresh...


 2022-06-07  1h35m