The Stockholmer Podcast

Meet the most innovative and inspiring people living in Sweden's global capital. Former BBC radio anchor Maddy Savage delves into the city's startup, design, food, culture and wellness scenes, to sound out who's making Stockholm special, troubleshooting its challenges and shaping its future. All episodes are in English and designed for you to hear and share in around ten minutes.

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S1 E13 I The graffiti artist putting his tag on the tech scene

The graffiti artist putting his tag on the tech scene


 2016-07-05  14m

S1 E12 I The entrepreneur bringing back the neighbourhood kid

The entrepreneur bringing back the neighbourhood kid


 2016-06-30  12m

S1 E11 I The yoga teacher calming Swedes with Japanese traditions

Born in Tokyo, Ai Hiroshima Hjelm ended up moving to Stockholm after meeting her husband in a very famous Swedish furniture store. Now the yoga teacher is bringing a taste of the east to the city's thriving wellness scene, to help stressed-out...


 2016-06-28  11m

S1 E10 I The model who refused to be too big for the industry

Agnes Hedengård got more than five million hits when she posted a video of herself in her underwear last year to reveal a body that doctors said was underweight, but fashion houses refused to hire. She’s since become a vocal campaigner against rigid...


 2016-06-23  11m

S1 E09 I The marketeer putting digital nomads on cloud nine

Julian Stubbs doesn’t believe in bosses or offices. He’s the co-founder of the first global cloud-based branding and communications agency. It’s based in Stockholm, but has international members working flexible hours across the planet. The Stockholmer...


 2016-06-21  12m

S1 E08 I The actor with the longest commute in Hollywood

Greg Poehler is probably Stockholm's most famous American. After quitting his job as a New York lawyer, he wrote and starred in the hit sitcom Welcome to Sweden, co-produced with his sister Amy Poehler. Now starring in a new romantic comedy seri...


 2016-06-16  14m

S1 E07 I The globe-trotting travel photographer who opened her heart to Stockholm

Nigerian-born Lola Akinmade Åkerström spent her childhood obsessed with maps and art, but ended up working as a computer programmer in the US. Then a Swedish guy she met online changed her life and set her on a road towards becoming an award-winning...


 2016-06-14  10m

S1 E06 I The coffee addicts using your caffeine fix to spread positive vibes

Pontus Rosberg and Martin Grewin are using Sweden’s obsession with coffee to improve the lives of schoolgirls in Africa. They spent two years visiting Ethiopia in search of the perfect bean as well as the ideal development project to benefit from...


 2016-06-09  11m

S1 E05 I The smart guitar maker who's composing musical history

Italian music obsessive Michele Benincaso bought a one-way ticket to Sweden in 2007. Now he's leading an international tech team that's creating the world's first smart guitar. It's an instrument that's also a wireless speaker ...


 2016-06-07  11m

S1 E04 I The creative who wears the same outfit to work every day

Matilda Kahl has been wearing the exact same outfit to work every day since 2012. The Swede began her project as a rebellion against New York's fashion-obsessed advertising industry. Now working as a Creative Manager for Sony Music back in her ...


 2016-06-02  11m