The Tip Off

Welcome to The Tip Off- the podcast where we take you behind the scenes of some of the best investigative journalism from recent years. Each episode we’ll be digging into an investigative scoop- hearing from the journalists behind the work as they tell us about the leads, the dead-ends and of course, the tip offs. There’ll be car chases, slammed doors, terrorist cells, meetings in dimly lit bars and cafes, wrangling with despotic regimes and much more. So if you’re curious about the fun, complicated detective work that goes into doing great investigative journalism- then this is the podcast for you.

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episode 38: Ep.38 Holding hands to jump

Jodi Kantor was given a beat and had been pointed at a tweet - a single tweet, without any names included that would set her on a months-long investigation. Teaming up with Megan Twohey, the two New York Times’ journalists set off to uncover one of the...


 2020-02-13  38m

episode 37: Ep. 37 Latitude Live - Anatomy of a conspiracy theory

In a crowded tent at Latitude Festival, journalist Charlie Mole explains how he tracked back how a conspiracy theory had grown and developed, finally ending up on US national news. In this show, recorded in front of a live audience, Charlie explains ...


 2019-10-10  33m

episode 36: Ep. 36 What does justice look like? Part 2

After working for years to put together the pieces of how a massacre had gone unsolved, Barry and his team publish their findings. But that is far from the end of the story… This is how Barry got sucked into the story himself - after being arrested a...


 2019-09-26  28m

episode 35: Ep. 35 What does justice look like? Part 1

The violent, protracted conflict known as The Troubles claimed many innocent victims in Northern Ireland. But one atrocity stood out for journalist Barry McCaffrey - the massacred of six men in the quiet, tiny village of Loughinisland. The killings stu...


 2019-09-19  34m

episode 34: Ep. 34 The start of a scandal

Amelia Gentleman’s work exposing the Windrush Scandal is some of the most impactful and well-renowned journalism of recent years. But where did it all begin? Amelia explains how a simple email she received while on holiday, set off a chain of events ...


 2019-08-29  32m

episode 33: Ep. 33 Clues of a killing

A video of an extrajudicial killing haunts Aliaume Leroy - but how do you get to the truth from a short film posted on social media?  Aliaume found himself banding together with open source investigators across the world in a race to uncover...


 2019-08-15  23m

episode 32: Ep.32 "Brother needs help"

Back in 2000 Jim DeRogatis received a fax that would change the course of his career forever.  This is the story of how one journalist stayed on a story for decades, continuing to report allegations of abuse while the rest of the world cover...


 2019-08-01  36m

episode 31: Ep.31 Chicken

Brexit. It is all anyone is talking about. But while politicians argue and wring their hands, what is going on behind the scenes? Alice Ross and Lawrence Carter, part of Greenpeace's Unearthed team, set out to find out and discovered one way tha...


 2019-04-25  44m

episode 30: Ep.30 A Post Antibiotic Era

Madlen Davies has been reporting on a concerning topic for years: the rise of antibiotic resistance and superbugs. Her reporting started in the UK but she soon realised she would need to travel further to get the real story. Here she talks about one...


 2019-04-11  34m

episode 29: Ep.29 Proof

Ashley Fantz often covers police press conferences as part of her day job at CNN. But a few years ago she would attend one that would set her on a months long journey, forensically piecing together the evidence to reveal the systematic destruction of v...


 2019-03-21  29m