The Tip Off

Welcome to The Tip Off- the podcast where we take you behind the scenes of some of the best investigative journalism from recent years. Each episode we’ll be digging into an investigative scoop- hearing from the journalists behind the work as they tell us about the leads, the dead-ends and of course, the tip offs. There’ll be car chases, slammed doors, terrorist cells, meetings in dimly lit bars and cafes, wrangling with despotic regimes and much more. So if you’re curious about the fun, complicated detective work that goes into doing great investigative journalism- then this is the podcast for you. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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OUT NOW: Maeve's book - No Fixed Abode - in paperback

Creator and host of The Tip Off, Maeve McClenaghan has written a book, and it is now out in paperback. No Fixed Abode: Life and Death Among the UK’s Forgotten Homeless tells highly personal, human and sometimes surprisingly uplifting stories of real ...


 2021-06-24  2m


Cheats: we love to hate them. But in this climate of fast news, short attention spans, 280 characters, do we ever get the full picture? Cheat!, a new podcast from Somethin’ Else, digs underneath the surface to tell the inside stories behind some of the...


 2021-06-01  7m

episode 53: Ep. 53 Black and white data

Sarah Turnnidge started her journalism career at local papers so it was there she first encountered press releases from police forces. But over time Sarah started to wonder - did they tell the whole story. In this episode Sarah talks through her meti...


 2021-05-13  19m

episode 52: Ep. 52 The Exorcist

Andrew Gold, a freelance journalist, is feeling out of his depth. He is in a church hall on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, and the priest he is there to see is not happy. This is the story of how Andrew tracked down a man who claimed to be exorcising...


 2021-04-29  29m

episode 51: Ep.51 Baby snatchers

Pete Murimi has stumbled upon a horrifying hypothesis - that people are snatching children from the streets of Nairobi, Kenya. Now he is working for BBC Africa Eye and is on the trail. Working with Njeri Mwangi Marc Perkins (Editor) and Tom Wa...


 2021-04-15  32m

episode 50: Ep. 50 What happened next?

To commemorate getting to our 50th episode we look back at what happened next after some big stories went out.  Jane Bradley, Samir Jeraj, Natalie Bloomer and Aliaume Leroy broke some great investigative scoops, but the story didn’t end ther...


 2021-04-01  18m

episode 49: Ep.49 Making them count

In late winter 2017 I was struck with what I thought was a simple question… how many people were dying while homeless? It turned out nobody knew the answer - so I set out, with colleagues around the country, to find out.  In this episode I d...


 2020-12-12  28m

episode 48: Ep. 48 Sharing data

Samir Jeraj and Natalie Bloomer have decided to team on to take on an investigation… they want to know if and how police forces are sharing information with immigration officials, and they are about to uncover some shocking findings.  Read a...


 2020-10-08  26m

episode 47: Ep. 47 Omar

Omar Radi is working in dangerous circumstances. His journalism is exposing how tribal lands are being snatched away from inhabitants in Morocco, only to be sold off at exorbitant rates. He knows this work is making him enemies… but he has no idea just...


 2020-09-15  27m

episode 46: Ep. 46 Dark Money

Peter Geoghegan is standing on a train station platform when he sees it - a large advert in a free-sheet newspaper that will set him off on an investigation into the dark world of campaign spending. In this episode we hear how he worked to unravel th...


 2020-09-11  22m