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episode 405: TVD 405: Fractured Families

This week, we're talking about some Fractured Families! The dysfunctional lawyer/doctor/disgraced PI at the center of So Help Me Todd on Paramount+ takes center stage, but we're also talking about the second season of Mighty Ducks Gamechangers on...


 2022-10-07  59m

episode 404: TVD 404: More Than You Can Chew

This week, we're talking about more than you can chew. Netflix has two offerings, with Ryan Murphy taking another bite at his gluttonous Netflix deal with the famous cannibal in Dahmer and scientists exploring the human (or maybe not human) genome and...


 2022-09-30  1h21m

Jenni Barber, "Fountain of You" - The TV Dudes Interview

This week, Les chats with actress, singer, and dancer Jenni Barber. Jenni has appeared on Broadway in Annie, The Nance, The Performers, as Glinda in Wicked, and many more productions. Other theatrical credits include As You Like It and The Tempest for...


 2022-09-24  16m

episode 403: TVD 403: We've Got To Go Back!

This week, like Jack on Lost... we've got to go back! We've got our main shows from Hulu this week. There's the time-traveling journey of Quantum Leap. There's the return to a beloved family sitcom in Reboot. The boys are back in Atlanta after their...


 2022-09-23  1h21m

episode 402: TVD 402: Never-Ending Battles

This week, we're talking about some shows late in their run, all about fighting. The penultimate season of Cobra Kai on Netflix, where the fights include karate, pepper-eating, and waterslide racing. And the final season of The Good Fight, where...


 2022-09-16  1h1m

episode 401: TVD 401: Exotic Locales

This week, we're traveling to some exotic locales. We've got Hell and adjacent dimensions in Little Demon on Hulu. We've got strange new worlds in Star Trek Lower Decks on Paramount+. We've got Middle-Earth on Rings of Power on Prime. And we've got a...


 2022-09-09  1h14m

episode 400: TVD 400 - The Four Hundreth Episode!

This week, it's our 400th episode! We have put together our Top 400 episodes, and we're going to run through them. Sort of.  2:25-29:15 TV Diary 30:25- Top 400


 2022-09-02  1h23m

episode 399: TVD 399 - Strange Relatives

This week, we're talking about black sheep relatives! There are the usual cast of bad family from Westeros in House of the Dragon on HBO Max. There are the sisters involved in a murder conspiracy in Bad Sisters on Apple+. And there's Chris Estrada's...


 2022-08-26  1h10m

episode 398: TVD 398: Diverse Stories

This week, we've got stories of a diverse cast of characters from all walks of life! There's the Indian-American cast of Never Have I Ever season 3 on NETFLIX, the exceptionally queer League of Their Own on Prime, the return of indigenous comedy hit...


 2022-08-19  1h4m

Theodore Barnes, "The Ms. Pat Show" - The TV Dudes Interview

This week, Les chats with actor on the rise Theodore Barnes. Theodore can currently be seen starring in the BET+ comedy series “The Ms. Pat Show." Theodore shines as Junebug, youngest son of Patricia "Ms. Pat" Williams. “The Ms. Pat Show” season...


 2022-08-16  15m