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Sh*t Gets Real

The world has gotten pretty real, y'all. There's a full on Pandemic forcing us inside. We haven't seen each other in a couple weeks. But! It's given us time to watch some TV, and we're confronting reality with a twist as we watch some reality shows....



Can't Go Home Again

Thought a global pandemic could stop us? Well, it slowed us down, for sure. This week, Randy, Kyle, and Les work out a social-distancing solution for recording, and then discuss Westworld S3 and I Am Not Okay With This. Check it out!



Kids These Days

This week, Randy, Kyle and Les chat it up about these crazy kids and their rap careers, parenting styles, and science experiments... We're talking 'Breeders', 'Dave', and 'Devs' all on FX on Hulu! Plus check-ins on 'Lego Masters', 'Stumptown', and...



Is This The Real Life?

This week, Kyle, Randy and Les are checking out a few shows that beg the question, "Is this my life?" That's right, we're talking Better Call Saul and Dispatches From Elsewhere on AMC, as well as Netflix season 2 of 'Altered Carbon', now with 100%...



News From The Front

This week we've got a pretty wide array of different shows... We're talking 'Last Week Tonight' on HBO, the return of 'Star Wars Clone Wars' on Disney+, and then 'Hunters' on Prime! What do they have in common? They all just happened!


 2020-03-06  35m

Hulu Hoop

It's time to check in on what ol' Hulu is up to! A gender-flipped remake of a beloved '90s John Cusack movie, a dystopian YA musical featuring Snoop Dogg as the voice of a computer, and FOX's new animated show from Amy Poehler and Mike Schur, that's...


 2020-02-28  51m

Matt Shevin, 'My Secret Family Killer' - The TV Dudes Interview

INTERVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR 'MY SECRET FAMILY KILLER' This week, Les chats with actor and writer Matt Shevin about his role as Roger on Lifetime's new whodunnit mystery, 'My Secret Family Killer', also on Hulu. They talk...


 2020-02-26  21m

Highs, Crimes and Nice Demeanors

It's time to walk through that final door! That's right, we're gonna talk about 'The Good Place' Finale! Then, we'll talk about another Mike Schur show, the returning 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine', as well as the HBO series 'McMillions' and 'High Maintenance'.


 2020-02-21  48m

Conor Husting, 'The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia' - The TV Dudes Interview

This week, Les chats with actor Conor Husting about his upcoming role as Tad on the Netflix series 'The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia'. They talk about auditions, getting comfortable on set, how his earlier roles prepared him for this project,...


 2020-02-19  14m

Mickeey Nguyen, 'Utopia Falls' - The TV Dudes Interview

This week, Les chats with actor Mickeey Nguyen about his role as Mags on Hulu and CBC's genre bending sci-fi hip hop series 'Utopia Falls'. They talk about how he bonds with his costars, how dance helps him in his acting, and much more. Check it out!


 2020-02-17  21m