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The TV Dudes discuss all things TV from news, to reviews, and general podcast discussions. Tune in!

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Sex, Drugs, and Politics

This week, Randy and Les are joined by two new TV Dude Irregulars! Lisa Wise and Myrriah Gossett bring their TV knowlege to the show as we discuss Amazon Prime's 'Undone', the new 'Breaking Bad' epilogue, 'El Camino' on Netflix, and Ryan Murphy's new...



TV Tune-Up

Randy, Kyle and Les take a look at how network upfronts pitch shows, and brainstorm on what else we could do differently to find new favorite shows each fall. As a favor to the networks, wthey also spitball some outside-the-box...



Rise & Fall TV

Randy, Kyle and Les take a dive through the fall television offerings from the major networks! It's a big show, covering ABC's 'Emergence' & 'Stumptown', CBS series 'All Rise' and 'The Unicorn', as well as NBC sitcoms 'Perfect Harmony' and 'The...



Nadia Gray, 'All Rise' - The TV Dudes Interview

Les chats with actress Nadia Gray about the vulnerability of acting, her favorite childhood movie, and the chemistry she feels on the set of 'All Rise'. Check it out!



Geno Segers, 'Perfect Harmony' - The TV Dudes Interview

Les chats with actor Geno Segers about playing Dwayne on NBC's new comedy, 'Perfect Harmony', the differences in voice-over work, stage theater, and television, and how his castmates keep him on top of his game. Check it out!



The Gilded Age of Streaming

Streaming services are going through growing pains and we are here to talk about it! Tune in!



Alexa Swinton, 'Emergence' - The TV Dudes Interview

Les chats with actress Alexa Swinton about the upcoming ABC series 'Emergence', premiering September 24th. They talk about illustration, acting, writing, and more. Check it out!



Based on True Events

Special guest Korey Goodwin joins us in studio this week to discuss 'Spy', 'The Chef Show' season 1.5, and 'Wu-Tang: An American Saga'. Tune in!



Felicia Day, 'Voyage to the Stars', EMBRACE YOUR WEIRD - The TV Dudes Interview

Les chats with actress, writer and producer Felicia Day about the upcoming season of the podcast 'Voyage to the Stars", and the publication of her new book, Embrace Your Weird: Face Your Fears and Unleash Creativity! Check it out!


 2019-09-18  15m

Matthew Federman, 'Blood & Treasure' - The TV Dudes Interview

INTERVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR 'BLOOD & TREASURE' SEASON 1 Les chats with showrunner Matthew Federman about Season 1 of 'Blood & Treasure', available to bingewatch now! They talk about pacing plot twists, the intricacies of...


 2019-09-16  37m