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A Volley-talk show for anyone who loves volleyball! We talk culture and all things volley. We debate, go in-depth with unique perspectives, and get nerdy about our favorite sport: volleyball! Crushing over 30 years in the world of volleyball, host Davis Ransom takes listeners into the heart of and soul of the game we love so much: volleyball! Support this podcast:

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Myths About Club Volleyball That Players and Parents Believe

This is a group podcast with Andrew Clifton, Davis Ransom, and Sean Thomas, all experienced club coaches who provide their two cents about club volleyball from an insider's perspective!

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 August 28, 2022  1h32m

episode 8: Play Pain-Free Volleyball with Kha Tran from Athletic Truth Group and @painfreevolleyball

Kha Tran not only helps others to keep themselves playing harder and longer through joint health, he also has used the ideas he describes on this podcast to go from having painful, sore knees, to full, pain-free confidence. Many of the ideas Kha recommends on this pod are only now developing larger support in the volleyball community, but they should be in every “VolleyNerd’s” knowledge base...


 October 30, 2021  57m

episode 7: Get Fueled Up! Energy Management for Leaders with Dale Bacon

This episode is a bit of a different type of podcast for us! We go in detail with Pastor and Leadership Educator, Dale Bacon, in order to find out how to make the most out of our energy as leaders. This episode is so rich with great ways to think about how we can truly be at our best when our best is needed. Speaking with Dale Bacon was absolutely insightful and I know our listeners are going to get a lot out of it! --- Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify...


 September 5, 2021  1h3m

episode 4: De-fense (Clap Clap) De-fense (Clap Clap) with TVNP Host Davis Ransom

Everyone that plays, coaches, or even watches volleyball knows the excitement of watching a stellar defensive team dig tons of balls. In this episode, TVNP Host Davis Ransom examines ideas about how to get your teams to play with relentless defensive intensity. There is so much to think about in this talk, that any VolleyNerd will hear it and leave with something to take action with in their gym. --- Support this podcast:


 July 28, 2021  58m

episode 3: How To Dominate the Net (Blocking is Hard) with UCSD Men’s Assistant Coach Jake Penolio

Loaded with blocking tips, fundamentals, and key principles, this episode features Jake Penolio, former pro middle blocker, and key figure of UCSD’s current success. He starts with fundamentals and goes all the way through tactics against some of the most difficult offenses. This talk was so rich, that it should be mandatory listening for any young middle! --- Support this podcast:


 July 10, 2021  46m

episode 2: The Vaue of Varied Experiences with Michael Bonner, Director of Saddleback Valley Volleyball Club

Michael Bonner has been all around the game of volleyball. He has been a highly successful coach, club director, referee, and more. Through his experience with some of the most successful clubs in Southern California, Coach Bonner has built up an incredible toolbox of information. He joins The VolleyNerd Podcast to discuss how having a wide range of experiences has helped take his coaching to the next level. --- Support this podcast:


 June 9, 2021  46m

episode 1: Coaching Emotions with Doctoral Candidate Britney Oliver Sillas-Navarro

So often in coaching it is not the skills of the team that allow the team to win, but the strength of their will and how well the team control the state of their emotions...


 May 22, 2021  1h3m

episode 18: How To Win @ Serving with TVNP Host Davis Ransom

Serving is so, so crucial to success in volleyball. Analyzing, in detail, your own approach as a volleyball coach to serving, can really help you and your athletes. From fundamentals and tactics, to mindset and game management, this talk by TVNP host Davis Ransom discusses his manner of approaching serving with his teams and athletes, in hopes of stimulating conversation with others about what they believe about these cool, important questions. --- Support this podcast: https://podcasters...


 March 22, 2021  46m

episode 17: Program Building with Nabil Mardini

How do you build a program from the ground up? Nabil Mardini has done it. As the head coach for L.A. Pierce College (CA) he won multiple state championships with a program that went 0-25 his first year there. Find out what he does to make his programs so successful! Not only is Mardini an experienced coach, he is also a successful businessman, and a beloved volleyball clinician...


 March 17, 2021  57m

episode 16: Physical and Mental Toughness with Luis Cuatok (Part 2)

This super practical episode gives coaches games, drills, and ways of thinking about how to train toughness that will make any team better! Many coaches hope for tougher players, and harp on their players to become tougher, and that may work well for some athletes, but highly successful youth coach Luis Cuatok offers a different way of helping our athletes to grow both mentally and physically tougher, and it involves no yelling and screaming or failure shaming...


 March 6, 2021  47m