The Well

Tired of interviews with celebrities answering all the same questions that have already been asked a thousand times? Good. So are we. Instead, we focus on how our guests force themselves to think outside-the-box; or on that moment that served as inspiration for what they do now. Come and join us as we dive deep into the source that fuels everything.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 30m. Bisher sind 54 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast


Welcome to THE DROP! – Part 1

We did it! We have a title for our weird little, between-season installments. Thanks to Mee Chang and to Bogdan Orlic for helping us find it! Mentioned in this episode: Sebadoh's official site can be found here.



End of Season 2 –“Mind the Gap”???

Anson and Branan bring Season 2 to a close and tell you about everything that's making the excited in the worlds of music, movies, anime and more. AND... they need your help with naming the episode. Listen to find out how you can become a creative me...


 2019-07-14  23m

“Call Your Dad”– TWP050

Anson asks Branan to delve into his father's mysterious past, a request which leads our hosts into a discussion about aging, the vagaries of the unconscious, and the incredible power of responsibility. Now call your dad. Episode links:


 2019-06-20  35m

Jake Weber –“The Photograph”– TWP049

Many years ago, Anson saw a photograph on Jake's wall. It was a young Mick Jagger sitting next to an eight year old boy. When Anson asked if the boy was Jake's younger self, he only got a one word answer: "Yeah." Fifteen years later,


 2019-06-14  41m

Dr. Douglas Vakoch, Part 2 –“To Work Without Guarantees”– TWP048

Our species cannot comprehend the time and distances inherent in interstellar communication. But noone understands this conundrum better than astrobiologist Douglas Vakoch. A year and a half after our first interview we catch up with his METI project t...


 2019-06-07  48m

Dr. Douglas Vakoch, Part 1 –“To Risk Imagination”– TWP047

Our species has always wondered if we are alone in the universe, Douglas Vakoch is an astro biologist beginning a multi-generational endeavor to finally answer this question. Episode links: METI Georgina Torbet Doritos  commercial link


 2019-05-31  35m

Melissa McCracken, Part 2 –“Memory Landscapes”– TWP046

Branan tries to get to the bottom of the Synesthesia phenomenon with help from painter Melissa McCracken and neurologist Dr. Robert Algar. Their conclusion? Maybe we all have synesthesia!


 2019-05-17  46m


Anson and Branan have a challenge for you.


 2019-05-09  2m

Melissa McCracken, Part 1 –“Dancing About Architecture”– TWP045

Melissa McCracken is a painter living in a parallel dimension to ours: her synesthesia fills her world with colors and other atypical sensory experiences. She tries to explain what this world is like and in doing so reminds us all of the importance of ...


 2019-05-03  35m

Alice Cooper, Part 2 –“Rock’n’Roll Vaudeville”– TWP044

Rock legend Alice Cooper shares a surprising and touching story about one of the most interesting connections ever to come out of Hollywood: his friendship with Groucho Marx; and about how their respective work wasn't all that different.


 2019-04-26  21m