The Yoni Codes

Do you want to harness the creative power that lives within your womb? Do you want to proudly claim ALL of who you are and bring that essence to your relationships, parenting, and business? Our planet is in a collective death cycle. Can you feel it? A rebirth is imminent, activating our deep feminine consciousness. This is shifting the way we relate to how we birth, how we create, how we view our bodies, how we love, how we heal, and how we treat one another. Melissa April and Katherine Blanco, two mothers, lovers and creative entrepreneurs explore the deeper meaning of Birth, Death, Rebirth and the many Initiations we walk through as women in the world. We dive into birth in all forms from babies, to businesses, to our next level selves. We explore what needs to die as we become ALL of who we are in the world. The Yoni Codes explore the mysteries of the divine feminine through the reclamation of Motherhood, Entrepreneurship, and Relationships. Join us each week as we engage in powerful, paradigm shifting, soul expanding conversations. Experience the discovery of potent codes that live within as we allow our wild and raw truths come to the surface...

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episode 3: Conscious Conception, Radical Reception

In this episode, Melissa and Katherine take their listeners on a wild ride through what conscious conception means when birthing all of our creations into the world, not just human babies.

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 November 8, 2022  40m

episode 2: Shame on Mom!

In this episode, Melissa and Katherine explore their relationship to shame and parenthood.

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Love Breath - Kundalini Collective - Leyolah Antara & Dar Ra Brady

Leyolah Antara IG: @leyolah_antara

Dar Ra Brady IG: @Dar.Ra...


 November 1, 2022  1h2m

episode 1: The One About Freebirth

Starting off the third season of The Yoni Codes Podcast, Katherine and Melissa take a deep dive into what it means to give birth in sovereignty, create without observation, and to be completely unhindered as we bring our desires into form...


 October 25, 2022  1h24m

episode 5: Gentle Mother, All Knowing Oracle, Messy Human

In their Summer Season Finale, Melissa and Katherine open up and share their personal insights on being in the thick of mothering little ones. In this raw and real conversation they reveal a potent Yoni Code that can serve us all, whether you are a mother or not...


 August 11, 2022  43m

episode 4: Embodying Wisdom with Lea Bayles

Join us for this potent conversation with Lea Bayles, as she helps lift the veil on what is waiting for us on the other side of our childbearing years and how she found her power in the transition into being the Matriarch of her family...


 July 28, 2022  46m

episode 3: Cauldron of Co-creation

Women gather.

Reflections initiated.

Intentions held.

Magic made.

In this episode Melissa and Katherine share their take on modern sister circles. They explore the energy that is created when women gather and the potent container ("The Cauldron") that is held when we honour intentional guidance and leadership.

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 July 13, 2022  27m

episode 2: Grieving with Grace

Join Melissa and Katherine in a riveting conversation on moving through grief with Grace Harman. We touch on the power of presence and intention in death and the grieving process.

Grace Bella Harman (she/her/hers) is a Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist and embodied grief guide originally from Philly and based in New Orleans. She holds sacred space for people to utilize their bodies to move through, process and ultimately be transformed by their grief...


 June 28, 2022  59m

episode 1: Transition

Opening up Season 2 of the Yoni Codes with a riveting conversation on Transition. The space between the creation process and being fully open to express your creation... or your baby.

Katherine and Melissa weave metaphor of the creation process and the reality of birthing. The Yoni Code that is revealed in this episode is a potent one.

We also announce our upcoming IN-PERSON sisterhood circle here in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia...


 June 14, 2022  34m

episode 27: Changes

Tune in as Melissa and Katherine share some exciting changes coming to The Yoni Codes.

This is our season one closer and we look forward to dropping our next episode. We will be starting Season 2 on the next Full Moon, Tuesday, June 14th...


 May 25, 2022  6m

episode 26: Half Past Sooner Rather Than Later

What is the deal with procrastination? 

What does it feel like when we trust our desire to put something off?

Most of us have felt some shame when we procrastinate, but what if our bodies are telling us something?

Is there an intelligence to our indulgence in waiting to complete a task until the mood strikes?

Tune in as Katherine and Melissa discover:

• How our relationship with procrastination can be a healthy way to connect with our natural...


 May 10, 2022  29m