This Week in Parasitism

TWiP is a monthly netcast about eukaryotic parasites. Vincent Racaniello and Dickson Despommier, science Professors from Columbia University, deconstruct parasites, how they cause illness, and how you can prevent infections.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h29m. Bisher sind 200 Folge(n) erschienen. Alle 3 Wochen erscheint eine Folge dieses Podcasts.

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episode 200: Parasites without borders

The TWiP team solves the case of the Gentleman from New York with Intestinal Issues, and review a 20 year study of butterflies, their associated parasitoid wasp and Wolbachia introduced into an island community.



episode 199: Chagas kisses Cruzi and Brucei bites

The TWiP team solves the case of the Traveler to Tanzania with a Purple Lesion, and discuss Mosquirix, the first vaccine approved for Plasmodium parasites.


 2021-10-13  1h7m

episode 198: Cyclospora in the dining room with the salad bar

The TWiP quadfecta solves the case of the Traveler With Watery Diarrhea, and reveals that a heat-shock response regulated by a transcription factor protects human malaria parasites from the high temperatures of fever.


 2021-09-14  1h15m

episode 197: An adventurous eater

TWiP solves the case of the Adventurous Eater with Areas of Swelling, and discusses an experimental Trypanosoma vivax vaccine comprising an invariant flagellum antigen.


 2021-08-16  1h4m

episode 196: Naked eye entomologist

TWiP solves the case of the Homeless Man With Skin Issues, and discusses an experimental mRNA based malaria vaccine.


 2021-07-12  56m

episode 195: Shocking diseases in attractive NY accents

Christina returns to the TWiP trifecta to solve the case of the Beachgoer with Red Lines on Her foot, and an experimental malaria vaccine based on the junctional region of the circumsporozoite protein displayed on a virus-like particle.


 2021-06-01  1h21m

episode 194: Eye had a corneal scraping

TWiP solves the case of the Long Island Man with Unilateral Eye Pain, followed by a discussion of how enteric helminth coinfection enhances host susceptibility to West Nile virus by a tuft cell-IL-4 receptor signaling axis.


 2021-04-24  1h13m

episode 193: A serpiginous trail

Audun returns to help solve the case of the Ecuadorean Gentleman Treated for COVID-19, followed by a discussion of the interaction of Blastocystis with the intestinal microbiota and the immune system, and of course a new clinical case from Daniel.


 2021-03-29  1h16m

episode 192: Towel off vigorously

The TWiPers solve the case of the Teenager in Malawi with Red Urine, then Audun joins to present our clinical case for this episode.


 2021-02-15  1h1m

episode 191: Dickson's ocular anomaly

The TWiPers solve the case of the Rural Man from North Carolina with Blurred Vision, and discuss the results of single-cell RNA sequencing of Schistosoma mansoni.


 2021-01-11  1h20m