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      episode 671: A Bad Day for the Internet

      Social media is still destroying the world. Top trends at E3. The end of Net Neutrality and the AT&T/ Time Warner Merger are a 1-2 punch against consumers. Automation is taking jobs in China and at Amazon. White house hacked. GDPR is killing email marketing. Theranos founder up on charges.

      Host: Leo Laporte

      Guests: Brianna Wu, Jeff Cannata, and Dan Patterson

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      episode 670: Go Theranos or Go Home

      • A New Tech Manifesto by Baratunde: how to reinvent social media to improve all our lives.
      • Apple's WWDC announcements: Screen Time restores balance to your life, memojis avoid the uncanny valley, ARKit 2 might (might) actually have usefull apps, Siri Shortcuts might (might) make Siri useful, macOS Mojave makes much-needed improvements to the Finder, tvOS gets Dolby Atmos.
      • Gmail's improved design is headed your way.
      • Microsoft buys GitHub: how MS went from a...



      episode 669: 15 Minutes of Fun

      • Apple's WWDC this week looks like it may be a disappointment for anyone hoping for new hardware.
      • Facebook is killing its "Trending Topics" section.
      • Teens prefer Instagram and Snapchat to Facebook; close to half are "almost constantly" online.
      • The Atari VCS is coming soon for expensive retro gaming.
      • Scooters and bikes are becoming a problem for San Francisco.
      • The new emoji are coming!
      • A Canadian Hacker gets 5 years for his part in the...



      episode 668: How Many Cups in a Stone?

      • The FBI wants you to reboot your router right now. FBI agents have gained control of a huge Russian botnet. If your router is affected you just need to reboot it.
      • Facebook and Russian ads - how should government react in the age of cyber warfare?
      • Amazon sells facial recognition software to law enforcement officials. Is this an invasion of privacy, or a good example of public/private cooperation?
      • Alexa records a couple's conversation and sends it to a friend....



      episode 667: Give Me your History Hat

      Microsoft's new Surface Hub 2. Google Duplex freaks everyone out. GDPR shouldn't freak people out - unless you work in adtech. Fortnite is coming to Android. Apple caves in to China again, pays some Irish taxes, and goes shopping for a new campus. Washington D.C is full of Stingray spy devices. Yanny or Laurel: depends on your speakers. US Copyright laws may be extended to protect Mickey Mouse for 144 years.

      Host: Leo Laporte

      Guests: Christina Warren, Patrick Beja,...


       2018-05-21  2h27m

      episode 666: Leave John Legend, Um, Alone!

      ZTE shuts down, but help is on the way from an unlikely tweet. Google I/O shows off creepy robocallers and helpful directions. Microsoft Build brings Cortana/Alexa integration and the return of Kinect. Congress releases over 3500 Russian Facebook election ads. Cambridge Analytica "dies," is reborn as Emerdata. Robocaller gets $120 million fine. Tesla hits a firetruck and sheds execs. You will be able to buy a Boston Dynamics robodog in 2019.

      Host: Leo Laporte



       2018-05-14  2h12m

      episode 665: Konnichihuahua

      Apple has its best Q2 ever, despite analyst predictions. 20 years of iMac. Cambridge Analytica must give US voter his data. foiled by GDPR. NPR buys PocketCasts. Change your Twitter password. Sprint/T-Mobile merger. Net Neutrality vote in the Senate May 9th. Cyber Command gets a promotion.

      Host: Leo Laporte

      Guests: Ant Pruitt, Mikah Sargent, and Ashley Esqueda

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       2018-05-07  2h14m

      episode 664: Warm Tushie Tech

      Sprint and T-Mobile make it official. Amazon, Google, and Facebook all have amazing quarterly earnings reports. Amazon's home robot and the battle for smart home supremacy. Facebook's community guidelines. Golden Gate Killer found with open source DNA site. Who wants Snap's second generation Spectacles? Apple's rumored AR/VR headset. What tech brings you joy?

      Host: Becky Worley

      Guests: Georgia Dow, Ben Brock Johnson, and Brianna Wu

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       2018-04-30  2h7m

      episode 663: Reasonably Miserable

      Security conference season in full swing. iPhone X takes over a third of ALL smartphone profits. Google tries to fix messaging again. Who do you trust with your data? IRS servers down on Tax Day. SCOTUS dismisses DOJ vs Microsoft: CLOUD Act makes it moot. Twitter bans ads from Kaspersky.

      Host: Iain Thomson

      Guests: Mike Elgan, Greg Ferro, and Dwight Silverman

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       2018-04-23  2h10m

      episode 662: Scraped On the Back End

      Mark Zuckerberg comes out of his Congressional testimony unscathed. China will dominate AI in the coming decade. HomePods are not selling like HotCakes. Apple leaks leakers leaking leaks. Waymo wants to test truly driverless cars in California.

      Host: Leo Laporte

      Guests: Amy Webb, Lindsey Turrentine, and Jason Hiner

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       2018-04-16  2h40m