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Why music stirs our emotions

Why do some people get goosebumps when they listen to music? This week's viewer question comes from Katwiy-Afukeze Achuo-Dze in Bamenda, Cameroon.



Markus Reindel talks archeology and the pandemic

The dig in Guadalupe, Honduras, has yielded exciting finds but has had to be suspended because of the pandemic. A lot of the research is done back in the lab anyway.



How we all waste water

It takes 8,000 liters of water to make one pair of jeans – an astronomical amount. What’s the water footprint of other common products? Measurements are based on the concept of ‘virtual water’.



Brain tingles: The appeal of ASMR videos

Sound videos are all the rage right now. ASMR videos get millions of clicks on YouTube. Fans swear by their calming effect. One study by the University of Sheffield suggests that the 'brain tingles' from ASMR videos have physiological benefits.  


 2020-10-23  5m

Apps for agriculture

Smart farming in Bangladesh: Digital technology is starting to change how farming is done. Many farmers use mobile apps for advice on solving problems, like treating diseased plants.


 2020-10-16  4m

AI for Industry 4.0

The current trends in automation known as Industry 4.0 are dependent on robots with artificial intelligence. Mohammad Wasil, an AI researcher from Indonesia, is helping to develop intelligent industrial robots in Germany.


 2020-09-18  3m

A milestone in restoring sight

Botond Roska wants to restore eyesight to people who are blind. The Hungarian-born neuroscientist has developed a gene therapy that makes damaged retinas light-sensitive again. He’s just received the 2020 Körber European Science Prize for his work.


 2020-09-11  6m

Why does the earth have an atmosphere?

This week’s viewer question comes from Chris Humfreez. He asks why the earth has an atmosphere.


 2020-09-11  2m

Researching water fleas

What do water fleas reveal about how well a body of water is doing? A scientist from Indonesia is studying the tiny creatures in Lake Constance and observing how they adapt to their environment – meaning also to human influence.


 2020-09-04  3m

How do fish see in the water?

The Tomorrow Today question of the week comes from Brown Mbadiwe from Owerri, Nigeria.


 2020-09-04  2m