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Rawe Feed Entertainment presents a new talk radio show that will blow your mind. Uncensored controversial, uncut, explicit and everything in between.

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episode 2: Hall of Fame

TrapCrackers Mike Precise chats it up with Big Richard Leal and Big John for the 1st.. half as they discuss why the Man is called the new Bitch, TrapCracker Radio slides another discussion about what the word REAL really means with Bobby Gee, Old School Larry and Big John with a special appearance by San Antonio's very own Roman Donelly


 2021-08-11  1h44m

episode 1: Diagnosed

TrapCracker Radios Mike Precise and TJ Rider are back at it again as they both share there opinions on things that are happening around them every night, also the TrapCracker squad introduces George Watson better known as Blade ( Because he looks like Blade from that Blade movie) as they try to discuss music and sports


 2021-08-11  1h35m

episode 10: Got Head

TrapCrackers very own Mike Precise &, Big Mike better known together as the "Double Mike Sandwich" come together once again as they discuss Big Mike's Sex history and other off the wall topics, this show is only for mature audiences only "PARENTAL ADVISORY" is ADVISED for EXTREME EXPLICIT CONTENT


 2021-08-08  1h20m

episode 7: Apparently Not

Mike Precise of TrapCracker Radio talks with Ashley "Suge" Ortega about her opinion on what life and business have to offer, Mike also introduces KayKay Superales and TrapCrackers very own The Don as she makes a surprise appearance.


 2021-08-07  1h59m

episode 5: Sex with Reptiles

Mike Precise joins TJ Ryder as they discuss what TJ Ryder's world is really like


 2021-07-29  1h41m

episode 2: Honey Hole

TrapCracker Radios The Don, Mike Precise "The White Trash Heart Throb" and Bug Mike discuss what the meaning of Honey Hole means and other off the wall topics


 2021-07-20  1h38m

episode 1: Back at it

Mike Precises twin brother TJ Rider is fresh out of jail and what better place to discuss with him what his time was like behind bars then on TrapCracker Radio.


 2021-07-18  1h16m

episode 9: Roman-tico

Trapcracker Radios White Trash Heart Throb Mike Precise introduces "Roman Donelly" one of San Antonios living legends and one of Mikes best buds, listen to the sounds of Roman as he takes over your ear drums and makes them orgasim with excitement


 2021-05-15  1h59m

episode 1: Dear Mr Rogers

TrapCracker Radios Mike Precise discusses haunting topics and abnormalities with San Antonios very own Mr T. Rogers


 2021-04-23  1h17m

episode 12: Double Mike Samwhich

TrapCracker Radios Mike Precise and Big Mike Alvarez discuss off the wall topics that will keep listeners begging for more,


 2021-04-05  1h7m