Turbojugend Radio - The Podcast

Turbojugend Radio is a podcast that gets you up-to-date on all the news and gossip surrounding Turbojugend and its worldwide activities. From the rear end of Europe in Cologne, Germany, Tschebesta, Turbojugend Søngerknaben Wien, broadcasts this on-demand radio show on a monthly basis in a audio-magazine that covers various regular segments such as in depth discussions on more or less important topics that penetrate not only our minds. Apart from that, Tschebesta talks to Jugend members from all countries and continents, to widen our individual denim horizons and help spreading the news about the very best TJ activities around the globe.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 37m. Bisher sind 82 Folge(n) erschienen.


TJR Episode 61: WTJD 2020 in AustralAsia! TJ Russia Update!

We previously learned about the WTJT in Hamburg and Guadalahamburg. Next up: the 2. AustralAsian ...



TJR Episode 60: Rock the Boat 2019 – a Turbo Cruise Special

Sailors belong to the sea. On a boat. Turbonegro has a proven track record of singing about sailo...



TJR Episode 59: Live from Pamparius Pizza, Oslo!

For years Turbojugend Radio dreamt about featuring a story about the magic place called Pamparius...


 2019-11-08  18m

TJR Episode 58: TJ Kolding´s Sleevy Madness VS. TJ Safe Harbor

For the first time in quite a while, TJ Radio does a Double Dong episode, featuring two topics. F...


 2019-10-18  28m

TJR Episode 57: Happy Tom talks 30 years of Turbo

In this episode, Happy Tom grabs his phone and talks to Turbojugend Radio about Turbonegro´s 30 y...


 2019-09-05  28m

TJR Episode 56: The Infamous Weltturbojugendtage Review

TJR´s own B. Engel and Tschebesta lay (not sit) down and open their day-to-day audio diary from t...


 2019-08-08  34m

TJR Episode 55: Weltturbojugendtage XV. (Aug. 1st-3rd)

It´s that time of the year again! Screw Christmas, forget your mom´s birthday and simply ignore t...


 2019-07-15  59m

TJR Episode 54: Real Life and Intimate Square Dance Insights from TJ Austin

On this episode of TJR, TJ Austin´s president and TJ veteran Izzy DarknASS sits down and openly t...


 2019-06-26  41m

TJR Episode 53: TJ Scumlahoma feat. Crystal Meth in the Golden Dome

Howdy´all! Years after TJ Radio made TJ Scumlahoma´s patch the MVP, Tschebesta travelled to Oklah...


 2019-05-30  30m

TJR Episode 52: Fred´s Schlemmereck - the Future

Last episode, we learned about the demise of our beloved Turbojugend HQ in Hamburg. In this episo...


 2019-04-25  26m