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Ep.116 Black Triangle / Cube Of Fire

Our first of two guests tonight is Jay calling from Massachusetts, sharing his very recent encounter of a Triangle shaped UFO over Great Barrington. Then we across the pond to the UK to speak to Pete about a number of experiences he couldn't explain,...


 2021-07-04  52m

Ep.115 The Intruders

Our guest this episode is Barbara calling from North Carolina, and will be sharing her abduction experiences. Barbara’s encounters began when she first moved to the Antelope Valley California at the end of the 1980s. But as we will hear there is a...


 2021-06-27  1h9m

Ep.114 Colorado UFO's

Tonight we start off with Molly and her witness submission from Florida, then we are heading to Colorado to hear from Steven and his UFO experiences. Steven is an avid outdoorsman and spends a lot of time camping and mountain biking the trails of...


 2021-06-20  56m

Ep.113 Guardian Angel

We are joined this episode by Rich from Derbyshire in the UK, sharing his paranormal experiences and encounters with his Guardian Angel. A particular incident that may just have saved his life when he was driving home after work late one night. More...


 2021-06-13  1h7m

Ep.112 Strange Lights In The Sky

Our first guest tonight is David from Montana, he will be sharing a daytime sighting of multiple UFO's witnessed by himself and his Daughter in 2019. Also he will be talking about some of his paranormal experiences. Then we head to Pennsylvania to...


 2021-06-11  52m

Ep.111 Gary Voorhis: USS Nimitz UFO Incident

Our guest this episode is Gary Voorhis Jr, and is a first-hand witness to the U.S.S Nimitz tic-tac UFO events of November 2004. During his time on the U.S.S Princeton he had the task of security and inventory of Top-secret and classified info and...


 2021-06-06  49m

Ep.110 Anzar The Progenitor

We are joined by Dr Bruce Solheim, Bruce is a distinguished Professor of history at Citrus College in Glendora California. He is also a featured speaker at this years Contact In The Desert 2021 the worlds biggest UFO Conference. An established author...


 2021-05-30  47m

Ep.109 The House On Martha's Vineyard

Tonight’s guest is Matt from Boston Massachusetts, and he will be sharing his paranormal experiences that occurred in a house on Martha’s Vineyard in 2009. Matt was a sceptic until the events that happened in the property turned him into a believer....


 2021-05-27  43m

Ep.108 Taken From Marston Mortaine

Today we are joined by Philip Kinsella from Bedfordshire in the UK. Philip is a experiencer and Author and will be sharing his account of a Alien abduction from his home in the winter of 1989. More information on this episode on the podcast website:...


 2021-05-23  48m

Ep.107 An Encounter In Judy Woods

We are joined this episode by Paula from West Yorkshire in the UK, and Paula with be sharing her abduction experience's going back to when she was just four years old. And a encounter with a craft Paula and a friend had in a wooded area on the...


 2021-05-20  1h27m