Unleashing YOUR Great Work

Unleashing Your Great Work is a podcast about doing the work that matters the most to you. Your Great Work might involve building a business, inciting a movement, creating breathtaking art, writing world-changing books, or helping other people to heal and grow into their potential. Cognitive psychologist and coach, Dr. Amanda Crowell, combines a fascination for human achievement with a passion for helping others to explore how to get YOUR Great Work out into the world where it belongs.


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episode 27: Behind The Scenes Of The First Season Of Unleashing Your Great Work | UYGW27

After 27 episodes, the first season of Unleashing Your Great Work is coming to a close. Amanda digs into what it has been like to learn podcasting. She shares what has surprised her about doing an interview-style podcast show. She also shares the lessons she’s learned in the second half of the season from her guests. Listen in for this special behind the scenes episode!


 2022-07-12  20m

episode 26: Bringing Out The Best In Others with Stephanie Willoughby | UYGW26

Today we welcome an award-winning, published photographer, and the founder of Little Love Stories Photography, Stephanie Willoughby. Stephanie shares the struggles and joys of doing Great Work.


 2022-07-05  42m

episode 25: How to Become the Hero of Your Own Story with Michelle Kaplan | UYGW25

This week we welcome our guest Michelle Kaplan. Overcoming struggles in her HR career, Michelle discovered her true voice through her writing and poetry. This ultimately led her to her new position as a co-producer in an off-broadway theatre show. Uncover how Michelle came to live her true genius and how it can help you live yours.


 2022-06-28  45m

episode 24: Sign Up. Suit Up. Show Up. To Do Your Great Work with Gail Robertson

This week on the podcast, we are featuring Gail Robertson, the Chief Curiosity Officer of GailNow! She is a whirling dervish on social media and a networking super connector, and I’ve been amazed by her energy and success for years. Listen in as Gail helps us to uncover what it takes to realize the potential of our curious brain and accomplish our wildest dreams by signing up, suiting up, and showing up.


 2022-06-21  41m

episode 23: Using Humor to Incite Great Work with Lauren Hope Krass | UYGW23

Standup comedienne, screenwriter, and actor Lauren Hope Krass is passionate about body positivity… except, she says that body positivity is the trojan horse. Inside the trojan horse are fat activism and a message for women everywhere: You are beautiful, exactly as you are.


 2022-06-14  29m

episode 22: Behind the Scenes of Writing a Book with Guest Host Meghan Bathgate | UYGW22

This week the tables are turned as Amanda finds herself in the interview hot seat. This week we are excited to welcome her best friend, Dr. Meaghan Bathgate, as our guest host. Listen in as they chat about all things self-publishing, and dive into Amanda’s book, Great Work – which releases TODAY, June 7, 2022!!


 2022-06-07  41m

episode 21: Great Work In Service with Amber Vilhauer | UYGW21

This week we welcome a leading digital marketing strategist, Amber Vilhauer. Amber is dedicated to supporting and coaching authors and speakers to establish a powerful, integrated online presence. Amber knows that it’s consistency and strategy that gets results and can empower us all to make a difference in our industries. By sharing her own story of Great Work, which involves growing a multimillion-dollar business, Amber highlights the importance of the human connection in a digital world.


 2022-05-31  44m

episode 20: How To Believe In Your Great Work | UYGW20

This week I had the pleasure of joining AJ Harper for her monthly event called Monday Night Readings. During the event, I read the introduction to the book and share about the process of writing my book. We also dig into my journey as an author and which chapter is my favorite one.


 2022-05-24  29m

episode 19: Want To Write A Book? Here’s How To Write A Good One with AJ Harper

This week I welcome AJ Harper to the podcast. AJ is an editor, publishing strategist, and a developmental editor. Previously, AJ was a ghostwriter, and has written dozens of books, some of which are New York Times Bestsellers (but we’ll never know which ones!). AJ left ghostwriting to create the Top Three Book Workshop, and in so doing has helped hundreds of authors write life-changing books. Her forthcoming book, Write a Must-Read will inevitably help innumerable more...


 2022-05-17  43m

episode 18: How To Create A Powerful Gratitude Practice That Supports Your Great Work | UYGW18

Gratitude is a powerful practice that impacts your life, and the lives of those for whom you are grateful. And, did you know that there are THREE kinds of gratitude? It's true! • There is gratitude for what's to come, called anticipation. • Gratitude for what's happening right now, called savoring. • And gratitude for what has happened already, called reminiscing. On this week’s episode we dig into all three kinds of gratitude, and how best to benefit from a gratitude practice...


 2022-05-10  12m