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A show about life, Linux, the universe, and everything in between.



Episode 59: Data Conspiracy RISC

Is the great hope for open hardware actually going to materialise, or is RISC-V just hype? Are some conspiracy theories worth more than just passing disdain?



Episode 58: Stranger Distro Danger

New JB team member Ell joins us to discuss e-waste, the motivations for our distro choices, and letting children out of your sight.



Episode 57: Free To Succeed?

Is the decision to listen to this really up to you, or is it predetermined by chemistry and physics? Can mobile Linux ever succeed beyond a small niche?


 2019-01-18  41m

Episode 56: A Good Walled Garden

Android vs iOS, turning users into contributors, and good vs bad in the world.


 2019-01-04  42m

Episode 55: Great News, We Lied

Whether new users have to suffer the pain of the command line, lying about Santa, and the best tech news of 2018.


 2018-12-21  39m

Episode 54: Backup to the Moon

It's another #AskError special! Getting normals to do backups, should we stop making distros, ridiculous pipe dreams, and more.


 2018-12-07  44m

Episode 53: Deconstructed Dialog

There's something almost intangible about the way Linux presents itself and Popey tries to explain it, the balance between living for the moment and planning for the future, and doing it wrong with social media.


 2018-11-23  42m

Episode 52: Little Packages of Joy

What's the best strategy when it comes to desktop Linux applications? We look at both ends of the spectrum, and wonder how much big tech companies should dictate who has access to their platforms.


 2018-11-09  44m

Episode 51: Universal Basic Disruption

It’s a special all #AskError episode! A hypothetical Linux world, the future of welfare, tech disruption, and terrible email addresses.


 2018-10-26  42m

Episode 50: Understand The Hype

It seems to be all about Plasma these days so we want to know if the hype is justified. We have a couple of great #AskError questions, and wonder whether we are heading for a tech dystopia.


 2018-10-12  48m