Voice Over Body Shop

Dan Lenard and George Whittam bring you Voice Over Body Shop, a place to discuss home studios and answer your voice-over studio technical questions. See more about the show and submit your questions at http://vobs.tv. This is the audio-only version of the Podcast. The video cast can also be found at our website, and the live taping feed is on Facebook Live and at vobs.tv.


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VOBS EP 46 August 22, 2016: MoCap Performer Richard Dorton

Our guest is Motion Capture Actor and Stuntman Richard Dorton 


 2016-08-23  1h25m

VOBS EP. 45 August 15, 2016 VO & Author Joe Zieja

Los Angeles voice actor and author Joe Zieja joins us to talk about his transition to living and working in Los Angeles.  


 2016-08-16  1h28m

VOBS Ep. 44 August 8th. 2016 Armin Hierstetter of Bodalgo

Our guest comes on from Munich, Germany to share information about his online casting service Bodalgo, and his IP audio tool BodalgoCall. 


 2016-08-09  1h23m

VOBS Episode 38 May 23, 2016 “Some Gadget Guy” Juan Carlos Bagnell

One of our favorite technology geeks, Juan Carlos Bagnell comes in to share his corner of the VO world, the technology that drives VO and ...


 2016-05-30  1h29m

VOBS Episode 37 May 16, 2016 with Johnny Heller

Johnny Heller joins us via Zoom from his NYC home tonight to talk about his career in audiobook narration and shares a huge number of ...


 2016-05-18  1h29m

VOBS Episode 36 May 9, 2016 Voice Over Xtra John Florian

Friend and long time sponsor of VOBS and EWABS, John Florian joins us to share what's new with Voice Over Xtra and what to expect ...


 2016-05-12  1h16m

VOBS Episode 35 May 1, 2016 FAN HANGOUT!

In our Fan Hangout tonight, joining us were Sean Daeley, Paul Stefano, Scott Chambers, Ray Valdovinos, and JS Gilbert. Anthony Gettig our chatroom moderator IN ...


 2016-05-12  1h47m

VOBS Episode 34 April 25, 2016 With Kelley Buttrick

Athens, GA voice actor Kelley Buttrick joins Dan and George for a great discussion on voiceover marketing, and he path to voicing for Jeep.


 2016-05-12  1h21m

VOBS Episode 33 April 17, 2016 Live from WoVOCon III in Las Vegas

An on location special as Dan and George remote in from the Tropicana Casino in Las Vegas for WoVOCon III.


 2016-04-19  1h24m

VOBS Episode 32 April 11, 2016 With Crispin Freeman

Columbia Grad and Anime Expert/VO talent Crispin Freeman joins Dan Lenard in studio, while George recovers at home from a stomach flu.


 2016-04-19  1h13m