Vox's The Weeds

Everyone is always warning you not to get lost in the weeds. But not Vox's Ezra Klein, Sarah Kliff, and Matthew Yglesias. They love the weeds. That's where all the policy is. This is the podcast for people who follow politics because they love thinking about health care, economics, and zoning. It is not a podcast for people who like hearing talk about gaffes.




      How immigration took over Virginia’s governor race

      Dara Lind and Andrew Prokop join Matt to talk about the surprisingly interesting governor’s election in Virginia.



      The Impact: The curious case of the $629 Band Aid

      Introducing The Impact, a new show from Vox hosted by Sarah Kliff. 

      The Impact explores how policy affects real lives. This season, we’re focusing on healthcare, and the first episode tackles with one of thorniest questions in the American healthcare system: prices.

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      How do you solve a problem like Harvey Weinstein?

      Sarah, Ezra, and Matt dig into the Harvey Weinstein story, talk a bit about tax reform, and cover new research on Medicaid expansion and savings.

      White paper: Medicaid and Household Savings Behavior: New Evidence from Tax Refunds



      Trump couldn't repeal Obamacare, so he's making it worse

      Dylan Scott joins Sarah and Matt to dive into the newest forms of Obamacare sabotage, and to talk about heroin.



      CHIPping away at gerrymandering

      Sarah, Ezra, and Matt talk about CHIP reauthorization, the Supreme Court's big gerrymandering case, and a seminal Richard Thaler paper (Mental Accounting and Consumer Choice).



      Republicans have big dreams and big problems on tax reform

      Dylan Matthews and Andrew Prokop join Matt to talk about Republicans hopes, dreams, and nightmares on tax reform.



      Australia solved its gun problem. Could America?

      Sarah, Ezra, and Matt talk about gun control in the wake of Las Vegas, the GOP tax reform blueprint, and job-sharing in Germany.

      White paper: The Employment and Output Effects of Short-Time Work in Germany

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      What Do We Know About the Association Between Firearm Legislation and Firearm-Related Injuries?

      A Dynamic Analysis of Permanent Extension of the President’s Tax Relief

      After a year of work, Republicans have decided nothing on corporate t...



      The Puerto Rico disaster and Trump's inadequate response

      Eliza Barclay and Alexia Fernández Campbell join Matt to talk about Hurricane Maria and its aftermath.



      What's budget reconciliation, and how did it eat the Senate?

      Sarah, Ezra, and Matt delve into Senate procedure arcana, break down the latest GOP repeal bill, and talk about a surprisingly easy way to reduce theft.

      White paper: SNAP Benefits and Crime: Evidence from Changing Disbursement Schedules



      Weeds Live: Canadian immigration and a health insurance experiment

      Dara Lind joins Matt and Sarah at the Now Hear This Festival to discuss the Canadian immigration system, and the audience chooses a white paper (https://www.rand.org/pubs/research_briefs/RB9174.html) for them to talk about.