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A reposting of the Alexa Flash Brief, this offers some quick tips for writers and marketers. Check out the full podcast, available on iTunes, Spotify, and other podcast sites.https://vurbl.com/station/3fwjAzfH9m2/


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Visualize Success

If you want to succeed, you need to visualize what success means to you.


 July 25, 2023  2m

Master Your Time

We need to remember as writers that we need to manage our time, be it through schedule or routine.


 July 24, 2023  2m

Be Part of the Community

We all need a community, both to be helped and to help. We can teach and learn, and sometimes we need hugs or to be slapped down.


 July 23, 2023  2m

Do Something Competitive

Being competitive is part and parcel of being a writer. You need to find a way to compete with others to keep up your competitive side.


 July 22, 2023  2m

Inspiration from Old Time Radio

Old-time radio serials may appear to be a weird source of inspiration, but they use a lot of techniques that some of us wish we could master.


 July 21, 2023  2m

Cooking Shows Teaching Regional Differences

It may sound weird, but cooking shows can show you the differences between different regions, especially those that focus on specific regions or traditions.


 July 20, 2023  2m

Talk Shows Gold are Gold

Writers are often looking for ways to master dialogue and inspiration. Watching talk shows can provide both.


 July 19, 2023  2m

The Advantages of a Paying Job

There's no reason to quit your day job...at least, not until things take off.


 May 18, 2021  1m

But Will It Sell?

When you are looking at potential merch for your comic, make sure that you ask yourself if it will sell. Please Support the Channel: https://www.patreon.com/twosparrows


 May 17, 2021  2m

The Outside is Your Friend

Sometimes you need to go outside. The sun is your friend.


 May 16, 2021  2m