Can't Get Enough of Keanu

"Can't Get Enough of Keanu" follows hosts Patrick Willems, Matt Torpey, and Jake Torpey as they explore the filmography of the ageless and inimitable movie star, Keanu Reeves. A new series from the folks who brought you "We Heart Hartnett."

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After a week away so Jake could go on his honeymoon, we’re back to talk about Josh Hartnett’s crazy fantastical stylized action movie, Bunraku, which definitely features the best trampoline fight in film history. It’s amazing that this move got...


 2018-08-14  1h57m

I Come With the Rain

We’re now officially in the latter, less mainstream half of Josh Hartnett’s career, and this week we encounter the strangest movie he’s made yet: the Asian art house crime thriller I Come With the Rain. Patrick, Jake, and Matt dig deep into the...


 2018-07-31  1h41m


The lyrics to our Josh Hartnett birthday song   Happy birthday Happy birthday We want to wish Josh Hartnett a happy birthday Happy birthday to Josh Hartnett We’re watching your movies because we heart you So have a Happy Hartnett birthday!...


 2018-07-24  1h53m

30 Days of Night

It’s the end of an era: this week we reach the end of the Hollywood portion of Josh Hartnett’s career, with the 2007 horror movie 30 Days of Night. It’s a movie that raises many questions, like: is cinematographer Jo Willems related to Patrick?...


 2018-07-17  2h4m

Resurrecting the Champ

There have been a lot of bad movies covered on this podcast, so we’re thrilled to announce that this one…is actually pretty good. We’re talking about Resurrecting the Champ, the 2007 drama about boxing and journalism. Listen to the relief in our...


 2018-07-10  1h59m

The Black Dahlia (w/ Comfort Clinton)

This week Patrick, Jake, and Matt are joined by actress Comfort Clinton (Billions), and together they deal with their frustration about Brian De Palma’s film adaptation of The Black Dahlia. They debate the quality of Hilary Swank’s performance,...


 2018-07-03  2h7m

Lucky Number Slevin (w/ Siddhant Adlakha)

We’ve finally arrived at our most anticipated episode! And maybe…the most controversial? Film critic Siddhant Adlakha joins Patrick and the Brothers Torpey to explore Josh Hartnett’s second collaboration with director Paul McGuigan: Lucky Number...


 2018-06-26  2h9m

Mozart and the Whale (w/ Mary Willems)

Patrick’s sister Mary joins the podcast this week for the ultimate sibling episode, as four friends who all went to high school together discuss one of the most obscure movies of Josh’s career. It’s Mozart and the Whale, a romantic comedy about...


 2018-06-19  2h2m

Sin City

“Really?” you ask, “You’re covering a movie in which Josh only appears for four minutes?” You’re damn right. This week we’re discussing Sin City, the 2005 Frank Miller/Robert Rodriguez joint that altered the history of comic book...


 2018-06-12  1h53m

Wicker Park (w/ Chris Decerbo)

Warning: this week our Josh Hartnett podcast transforms into a Coldplay podcast (We Crave Coldplay?), which is unavoidable when discussing Paul McGuigan’s seminal 2004 romantic thriller, Wicker Park. We’re joined by longtime friend and the...


 2018-06-05  1h45m