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#175 - Weird News: Draw Me Like One Of Your Martian Girls

Ghosts, aliens, octopuses, zombies, monsters, Atlantis...

It's Weird News, you know what to expect.


Links to stories:



Octopuses may be aliens from another planet


No, Octopuses Don't Come From Outer Space


'Alien' spotted watching Mars rover in certain 'proof of life', expert claims



 2022-02-15  1h11m

#174 - The Exmoor Beast

Bob is joined by a very special co-host on this episode; his brother, Danny, (also featuring appearances from other family members, including brother Alfie, and regular guest Rebecca).

We spent Christmas in Exmoor and decided it was the perfect opportunity to delve into the mystery of the fearsome 'Exmoor Beast'.

Monster, Myth or Missing Moggy?

It's a fun, festive, speculating, ale-drinking, countryside-walking mini-episode, so expect a lot of nonsense...


 2022-01-04  31m

#173 - Chemtrails (Weird Tales Revisited)

Bob and Rick explore the conspiracies surrounding chemtrails - mind control, weather manipulation, chemical warfare... and more.


Explore further through these links:

Prince talks Chemtrails

“Chemtrails” Not Real, Say Leading Atmospheric Science Experts

One Deception To Rule Them All


Dreamer by Prince

Chemtrails by Beck


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 2021-12-28  56m

#172 - Christmas Spirits

Bob hosts a Christmas special with the top 5 Christmas ghosts, some presents, and the return of Coin in the Pudding, about traditional Christmas gifts around the world...


 2021-12-14  1h41m

#171 - Stonehenge

Beef walks us through the theories regarding the creation and purpose of Stonehenge, and we do bad Austin Powers impressions.


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 2021-11-30  1h33m

#170 - Listener Stories 2021

Back by popular demand: a new collection of strange stories from listeners of WTATU.

Sleep paralysis, ghosts, haunted houses, ouija boards, out of body experiences, castles, meditation, big cats, creepy kids, and fairies.

Thanks to Jo, Forrest, Jardin, Samantha and Mihir for sending in the stories featured on this one!


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 2021-11-16  1h35m

#169 - Conspiracy Encyclopedia

Pick a number between 16 and 303.

Tiss digs out his 'Conspiracy Encyclopedia' for a grab bag of topics including...

Disinformation, Language Control, The BBC, Saville, Propaganda, Edward Snowdon, The John Birch Society, Freemasons, Knights of the Gold Circle, and the return of Fakespeare.

We also have another instalment of Tiss' Bible Stories about the story of Moses.


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 2021-11-02  1h25m

#168 - Derek Acorah (Weird Tales Revisited)

Bob and Rick talk about the late Derek Acorah (+ Sam), his time on the popular television series 'Most Haunted', and psychic mediums in general...


 2021-10-05  53m

#167 - Who We Will Be

The 'Season of Scepticism' draws to a close!

For part 4, we looks to the future. Who do we want to be moving forward, and how do we want the podcast to continue...

No guest for this one.

Thanks to Constant Waves for outro music on this one, with the track 'Dr. Rumack',

find them on Bandcamp here -


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 2021-09-28  1h22m

#166 - Who We Are

The 'Season of Scepticism' continues!

For part 3, we're joined by Zahraa, a specialist in the mental health field, to look at who we are now, and why we may feel like our relationship towards scepticism has changed, even if it might not have.

Also, Religion, Family, Social Media, and Easy Peelers.


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 2021-09-14  1h43m