Weird Tales and the Unexplainable

A new topic every episode dealing with the Unexplainable, Paranormal, Extra-terrestrial, Spiritual, Scientific, Mysterious and more. Bob, Tiss & Beef talk the strange and unexplained. We would love to hear from you, so send your own stories to - Also, visit the official website at - See for privacy and opt-out information.

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#18 - Aliens

Bob hosts. We finally talk about Aliens. We take a look at some commonly sighted Alien types, talk crop circles, cattle mutilations & probing, and discuss some bigger bigger extraterrestrial concepts. Send your stories to -...


 2016-01-20  1h16m

#17 - Serial Killers

Beef hosts. We talk about the key traits common in serial killers, look at some notorious examples, including H.H. Holmes, Jim Jones/Jonestown & Ted Bundy. Bob & Tiss take a Psychopath Test. Send your stories to - and...


 2016-01-05  1h21m

#16 - Dreams

Guest host Karim takes over for Tiss this week, as our official 'Dreams Expert'. He teaches us how to have lucid dreams and shares some of his experiences with it. We also discuss recurring dreams, sex dreams, nightmares, stealing biscuits an...


 2015-12-22  1h7m

#15 - EVP

Bob hosts an episode all about EVP, or Electronic Voice Phenomena. We look at what it means, what it could be, where it started, how to do it, different types and listen to lots of examples. Send your stories to - and...


 2015-12-08  1h9m

#14 - Fate: Tarot

The first in a series of bonus episodes on the topic of Fate. In this one we all visit a Tarot reader, and Bob gets a reading. Send your stories to - and visit the companion blog at


 2015-12-01  1h16m

#13 - Near Death Experiences

Beef hosts. We talk about near death experiences reaching all the way back to Plato. When you reach the point of possible death, are you witnessing the white lights of heaven, or is your brain just exploding? Beef and Tiss nearly drown and Bob...


 2015-11-24  1h8m

#12 - Conspiracy Theories: Hitler, Simulation, Shakespeare & MKUltra

Tiss hosts and tells a selection of conspiracy theories including - Simulation Theory, MKUltra, Der Glocke, Fake-Speare and more. Beef isn't having any of it. Send your stories to - and visit the companion blog at...


 2015-11-10  1h8m

#11 - Cryptozoology

Bob hosts. We talk about some of the more famous cryptids out there, including Bigfoot and Nessie. We look at clips and pics, hear eyewitness accounts, and go off track with our amazement of the Chinese city in the sky. Also Ghost Story of the...


 2015-10-27  1h5m

#10 - Life, Death, & Existence.

Episode 10! Our first ever 'discussion show'. The most unexplainable question of all - Life, and what happens after. We each bring our own Life questions to the table and discuss. We have some sound issues for the last 20 or so minutes, so...


 2015-10-20  1h34m

#9 - Demonic Possession

Beef hosts a bumper length episode. We talk about Angels and Demons, pigs, guardians, and Beef even delivers some first hand exorcism accounts. Send your stories to - and visit the companion blog at...


 2015-10-12  1h37m