What A Cartoon!

From the creators of Talking Simpsons comes What A Cartoon!, an audio exploration of every cartoon ever! Join hosts Henry Gilbert and Bob Mackey (as well as several guests) for an in-depth look at a different episode of a different cartoon every week!


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What A Cartoon! - Justice League "Injustice For All Part 2"

Chosen by our premium patron Jibbly, it's time to return to the DC Animated Universe with Justice League! The 2001 toon made the Superfriends cool for the first time ever, and set ratings records for Cartoon Network. How did Bruce Timm's team grow to...



What A Cartoon! - Dragon Ball "Monster Beast Giran" With Shivam Bhatt

Chosen by our premium patron L, we're covering the original Dragon Ball anime with our expert friend (co-host of the podcast)! We discuss how Akira Toriyama developed his action-comedy phenom, how Toei Animation adapted it, and how Goku's earlier...



What A Cartoon! - Beavis and Butt-Head "Doomsday" and "Dumb Design"

This week, we're visiting one of the earliest What A Cartoon! subjects—and one of our favorites—the great MTV cartoon, Beavis and Butt-Head. But instead of jumping back to their heyday in the go-go '90s, we're heading back to the less-distant year...



A Preview of What A Cartoon Movie for The Castle of Cagliostro

With the end of April, the has another awesome podcast about an animated feature film ready for you! This month, our $10+ Patreon subscribers get to hear us talk about 1979's Lupin III feature film, The Castle of Cagliostro! It's the first film...



What A Cartoon! - Revolutionary Girl Utena "Episodes 1 & 2"

This week we are joined again by premium Patreon subscriber Casey to talk about a classic of '90s anime, Revolutionary Girl Utena! From many of the folks who adapted Sailor Moon, this challenging show pushed against gender roles and sexuality like few...


 2020-04-27  2h11m

What A Cartoon! - Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue

Move over, The Avengers! There's a much worse version of you from 20 years earlier that absolutely no one likes! That's right, the most epic crossover in entertainment history took the form of Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue, which saw animated...


 2020-04-20  2h11m

What A Cartoon! - The Adventures of Pete & Pete "The Call"

Just as we did last year, to kick off April we're deviating from our standard subject matter a bit to dive into the world of live-action cartoons! In 2019, we covered the dark and subversive Strangers with Candy, so it's only fair that we follow that...


 2020-04-13  2h47m

A Preview of What A Cartoon Movie for The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

Another month has passed at the , and that means we've got another awesome podcast about an animated feature film! This month, our $10+ Patreon subscribers get to hear us talk about 2004's The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie! Listen now to this free...


 2020-04-06  44m

What A Cartoon! - ReBoot "Firewall" With Special Guest Woolie!

This week we're joined again by (check out his many ), all to talk about the iconically Canadian animation, ReBoot! Chosen by our premium subscriber Brian, we go into the earliest days of televised CGI to experience the virtual world and its deep...


 2020-03-30  1h49m

What A Cartoon! - Tiny Toon Adventures "The Return of Batduck"

We're heading back to the world of Acme Acres to explore a proper episode of the early '90s classic cartoon, Tiny Toon Adventures! And if you listened to our episode of What A Cartoon Movie! about the direct-to-video feature, you'll know that Plucky...


 2020-03-23  2h49m