What A Cartoon!

From the creators of Talking Simpsons comes What A Cartoon!, an audio exploration of every cartoon ever! Join hosts Henry Gilbert and Bob Mackey (as well as several guests) for an in-depth look at a different episode of a different cartoon every week!


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What A Cartoon! - Hilda "The Bird Parade"

This week we are joined by premium Patreon subscriber Casey to talk about the Netflix hit, Hilda. Based on the hit comic series of the same name, we talk about the books' amazing adaptation into animation! Then we dig deep into the third episode as we...



What A Cartoon! - Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's With Special Guest LittleKuriboh

This week we return to Yu-Gi-Oh! for another duel, this time in a cyberpunk future with ! We chat about how YGO's arrived in a dystopian third series, try our best to understand the timeline and synchro summons, and we go deep into the show's debut...



A Preview of What A Cartoon Movie! for The Animatrix

Every month we wrap things up with a What A Cartoon Movie! This January is heading back to 2003 for the pioneering anime anthology, The Animatrix! Exclusively for our $10+ Patreon subscribers, we chat about The Wachowski Sisters and how The Matrix...



What A Cartoon! - Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars "Home, Swampy Home"

Thanks to the generous support of our patron Jibbly, this week we're taking a look at a fairly obscure entry that still persists nearly 30 years later in the form of action figures: Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars! Developed by G.I. Joe legend Larry...



What A Cartoon! - Batman: The Animated Series "Almost Got 'Im"

This week on the podcast, we start our new tradition of once a month returning to a cartoon we had previously covered, starting with this iconic episode of Batman: The Animated Series! All the coolest villains come together for a game of poker to tell...



What A Cartoon! - Psycho-Pass "Crime Coefficient"

This week our top-level patron David is back and he's got another new anime for us: Psycho-Pass! This scarily believable cyberpunk story is an exciting sci-fi series, and after going through the deep history of animation studio Production I.G., we...


 2020-01-13  1h41m

What A Cartoon! - Mushishi "The Green Seat" With SungWon Cho

, , and anime expert is back to assist us in exploring another off-the-beaten-path anime series! And this time, he's selected Mushishi, the much-beloved 2005 anime anthology series about a wandering expert on all things supernatural. Though some may...


 2020-01-06  1h26m

What A Cartoon! - OK K.O.: Let's Be Heroes "Thank You For Watching The Show" With Ian Jones-Quartey and Toby Jones!

We've got a big one this week as we celebrate the series OK K.O., and we're joined once more by Series Creator and Executive Producer . We cover OK K.O.'s final season, the story behind some of the last year's biggest moments, as well as how Ian and...


 2019-12-30  2h45m

Changes are Coming to the Talking Simpsons and What A Cartoon! Schedules in 2020

To sum up what we're announcing in this podcast update: The last episode of Talking Simpsons each month will be replaced by Talk to the Audience?!?, which will now be free. The last episode of What A Cartoon! each month will be replaced by a free...


 2019-12-28  12m

A Preview of What A Cartoon Movie! for The Iron Giant

It's the end of the month (and the whole year!) on the , so it's time for another of our in-depth, extra-long podcasts about animated feature films! In December, exclusively for our $10+ Patreon subscribers, we talk about Brad Bird and his underrated...


 2019-12-27  26m