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      Episode 150 - The Crosstown Podcast

      Jake, Bill, Mike of WBS and Michael and Alicia of RoT talk and talk and talk some more about UCLA and USC stuff. Enjoy! Please rate us on itunes or android! Call the WBS Hotline after the game: 805-399-4WBS (Suck It RoT!!!)



      WB2 - UCLA in China

      So that happened ...



      Episode 149 - Demise of the Fish

      Loss to Arizona... big whoop, blown out at Washington... we knew it was coming, beat down by the Utes ... there's definitely a pattern. There are officially no more stakes this season, so we spend time pondering Mora and Co's future at UCLA. Oh yeah, and Mike talks some BBall too. All that and a very fishy What's Bruin in this weeks Episode. Rate us on itunes (please), and the Next Ep of WBS will be the Crosstown Podcast with Reign of Troy. It will be released next Thursday night...



      Episode 148 - Washington and Utah

      Mike's not around (except for a few minutes on the phone), so here is a special BJ Edition of WBS. Jake and Bill argue and commiserate about the Washington loss, Rosen's NCAA career and Jim Mora's status.



      Episode 137 - Oregon Win but Washington Looms

      The guys talk about some special fan feedback (thanks again), the Oregon win and the game at Washington this Saturday. Call the What's Bruin Hotline 805-399-4WBS (Suck it RoT) Rate us on itunes (pretty please)



      Episode 146 - Bruce Davis II and Arizona Loss

      In this episode, we lament the horror that is the Bruin defense, we respond to your calls, AND we talk to former UCLA DE/LB Bruce Davis! (47:03). He joins the show to talk about his time with the Bruins, the current state of the team and the TALEGATE App (available on itunes and android). Share your gameday experience with other fans and athletes with Talegate. Give us a review on itunes and call the hotline and tell us what you think. 805-399-4WBS (Suck it, RoT)



      Episode 145 - Arizona's Brandon Nash

      We are honored to talk to former Arizona Wildcat Brandon Nash about his time as a WR/DB under the legendary Dick Tomey and the infamous John Mackovic. Also: The Game That Will Be and What's Bruin Call the What's Bruin Hotline 805-399-4WBS and rate us on itunes. THANKs FOR LISTENING!



      Episode 144 - Colorado Win

      we are off the rails for most of the show, and there is some talk about UCLA's win over the Buffs. Rate us on itunes (please) and call the WBS hotline at 805-399-4WBS



      Ep 143 - Stanford Loss X

      This is a long and rambling pod from the boys (+Jamaal) about the woes of UCLA FB. Also, a nice talk with Alicia de Artola about the troubles at USC Basketball.



      WB2 - Mike interviews GoMightyCard.com

      Mike talks to Hank Waddles of GoMightyCard.com about this weekends game against Stanford. Also, we finally get to your calls about the Memphis Game. Call the WBS Hotline during or after the game: 805-399-4WBS