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episode 98: # 098 - Hoegaarden Ondernemen #002 - San Marco (NL)

Onze tweede interview met onze jongste reporter Manon : wie is Marc Carter, "San Marco" in Hoegaarden ?


 2021-06-06  3m

episode 97: #097 - Hoegaarden Ondernemen #001 - Toets : Den Venetiaen (NL)

Voor deze eerste mini-podcast presenteren we "Toets", van 'Den Venetiaen' ... Hoegaarden Ondernemen !


 2021-06-06  3m

episode 96: #096 - Andrew, IFC | Helping you get pregnant around the globe (ENG)

Andrew from the International Fertility Company talks us through what they can do for couples having fertility problems, but also lesbian couples and single moms all around the world.


 2021-05-24  24m

episode 95: #095 - Ariel Rebel | Adult model unleashing her creativity (ENG)

Ariel Rebel, a Canadian adult model, has a lot more to offer then you would think. This beautiful young woman puts her effort in various different creative projects. During a photoshoot in France, we find out more!


 2021-05-02  13m

episode 94: #094 - Trace ton cercle - Teken je hart (NL)

Vraagt u zich af wie die mensen zijn op ‘de plek’ in Hoegaarden? Met die cirkels? Luister naar deze podcasts. Dit zijn geen complotdenkers. Gewoon mensen die hun mening willen geven... onze junior reporter : Manon was daar voor deze interviews !


 2021-02-21  11m

episode 93: #093 - De l'homodeus au COVID en passant par le projet Neuralink d'Elon Musk : quels rapports pour Anis Bedda ? (FR)

Anis Bedda est un citoyen qui a fui, en son temps, la dictature de son pays pour venir vivre chez nous en quête de démocratie et du droit de pouvoir s'exprimer librement. S'il nous partage ses craintes aujourd'hui, on peut donc dire qu'elles ne sont pas basées sur des idées théoriques ou seulement un postulat mais bien de par son expérience, son vécu...et certains signes l'inquiètent grandement...


 2020-08-05  1h22m

episode 92: #092 - Hugo Hoffmeister Filho | Using skateboard as an educational tool to inspire , transform and change lifes (ENG)

We interviewed Hugo Hoffmeister, founder of SK8ROOTS,a project in Iceland with free skate lessons for kids, teenagers and young people with special needs.


 2020-05-29  20m

episode 91: #091 - Robert Roselli | Conspiracy Expert and Corona Crisis (ENG)

We had an interview with Robert Roselli, a Conspiracy expert from the United States. We talk about the Corona crisis, that the world is experiencing at this moment and how Trump and his delegation are handling this situation.


 2020-04-06  42m

episode 90: #090 - Joni Bovill | How to get away with murder and big families (ENG)

We talk to Joni Bovill, about growing up in a big family of 12 children and her growth into an acting career.


 2020-04-04  37m

episode 89: #089 - KiVo | Bad Chick and stealing snacks from Madonnica (ENG)

About 2 years ago, we interviewed this amazing woman, with a poppy sound and crazy about unicorns. What has happened to the innocense of KiVo? We try and find out!


 2018-11-14  24m