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Everyone has a story to tell, what's yours?



episode 3: #003 - Alexander Cooper, Film producer | Indie film "Parallel" (ENG)

We had an interview with producer Alexander Cooper. He just launched his indiefilm debute, called Parallel. We discuss the film, the cast, but also expand on other reviews, but also a pinch of Trump. Enjoy!


 2017-10-19  20m

episode 2: #002 - Kevin Estrella (Pyramids on Mars) | Instrumental Rock and UFO's (ENG)

Kevin Estrella is the founder of Pyramids on Mars. We talk about the progression in his music, mainly focused on Instrumental Rock. But Kevin also shares his passion about UFO's and personal experiences.


 2017-10-04  32m

episode 1: #001 - What's your Story - Introduction (ENG)

Before we share the stories of different passionate inspring people, we would like to give you an introduction into who we are, and why we're doing this.


 2017-10-04  3m