Wheeler Dealer Radio - A Ridiculous Tottenham Hotspur Podcast

Every week, Wheeler Dealer Radio brings together the best bloggers from Cartilage Free Captain to discuss Spurs, football, and other things that will distract us from that stuff. Mostly Vlad Chiriches.




      episode 43: Back to Blockchain!

      Wheeler Dealer Radio is back! Our hiatus is over and we're here to talk about Tottenham Hotspur and make lots of jokes about crypto currency, the only thing stupider than the transfer market! I am joined by Ben Daniels and Bryan Ashlock to take a look at the Everton game and talk about how Aurier and Son are changing the way Spurs play. Then we take stock fo the transfer market. Then we make some stupid jokes. It's like we never left! Join us, won't you?



      episode 42: Deescalating Quickly

      Well things sure have changed since our last podcast. I'm joined by Sidekick Ben Daniels and Noted Evil Numbers Wizard Michael Caley to talk about a disappointing loss to Leicester. We talk about how frustrating that game was to watch and try to put Spurs' recent reversal of fortunes in context. Then we talk about exactly how Spurs have blown so many points lately. But it's not all bad. We get really excited about the return of Erik Lamela, everyone's favorite pointy elbowed large adult son. ...



      episode 41: The Real Deal

      Hey guys I don’t know if you heard but TOTTENHAM BEAT REAL MADRID IN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE! Ben Daniels and Bryan Ashlock break open the champagne and join me to talk about probably the best performance in recent memory from Tottenham Hotspur. We praise everyone from Dele Alli to Kieran Trippier because everyone was fantastic. Then we figure out where this ranks in the pantheon of recent Spurs wins. Seriously this match was so good you guys. Let’s podcast about it every week.



      episode 40: Anyway, here’s Wonderwall

      Tottenham Hotspur had a hell of a week so break open the expensive booze and celebrate. I’m joined by the entire crew, from Sidekick Ben Daniels to Old Man Bryan Ashlock to Apocrypha Enthusiast Michael Caley. We look at what made Spurs such a success against Liverpool and just how great we have been this season. We take stock of what went right, what went wrong, and even dish out some praise for noted French International Kierian Trippier. Then we lose our train of thought and resort t...



      episode 39: Stranger Danger Radio

      We are back to talk about a momentous game for Tottenham Hotspur! I am joined by Ben Daniels and Bryan Ashlock to break down a huge draw for Spurs at Real Madrid and also a win against Bournemouth I guess. We look at how Spurs got a point at the European Champions and single out some exceptional performances from Harry Winks, Davinson Sanchez, and Hugo Lloris. We welcome back Danny Rose and then we preview our upcoming match against Liverpool. 



      episode 38: Uddersfield Cow

      Spurs beat a bunch of promoted cows. And we actually didn’t make too many bad jokes about it. I know, I can’t believe it either. I’m joined by Ben Daniels and Michael Caley to break down the lovely totals. We talk about Harry Kane and just how good he is. Then we discuss how talented Harry Winks could be for Spurs before turning our attentions to Ben Davies and Moussa Sissoko. Join us, won’t you?



      episode 37: Kane to the Rescue

      Tottenham won a huge match this week and also we beat West Ham. I am joined by Ben Daniels, sidekick specialist, and Bryan Ashlock, Old Timey Bit Enthusiast to break down the results against APOEL and West Ham. We look at the importance of Harry Kane in these games and to Spurs as whole. We look at how Serge Aurier and how he is gelling with Spurs. We also look at Pochettino’s newfound tactical flexibility and Sissoko’s newfound role at Tottenham. Join us, won’t you?



      episode 36: Wayward Welsh Ways

      Spurs had one of their most boring matches of the year so naturally it was the best week for Wheeler Dealer Radio’s regular crew to come back. I’m joined by Evil Numbers Wizard Michael Caley, Sidekick Extraordinaire Ben Daniels, and Shady Miami Drug Lord Bryan Ashlock. We break down the Swansea match and as much of Barnsley as a radio feed allows us. Then we look forward to our next two matches and discuss why next week’s Champions League match might be one of the most important of our group...



      episode 35: Dortmund Don’t Want None

      The Internet’s most dangerous Tottenham podcast is back! I'm joined by Vince and Ryan Rosenblatt, two of our stalwart depth players, to examine a big week for Spurs. We start by looking at our exciting return to Champions League glory as we break down our 3-1 win against Borussia Dortmund. Then we move on to a successful weekend match up against Everton; Finally, we look back at the transfer window and offer our thoughts on how Spurs conducted themselves. Join us, won't you?



      episode 34: God Save the Queen From Alan Pardew

      Wheeler Dealer Radio is back baby! Unfortunately we have to talk about the Burnley match. Spurs were pretty mediocre and then we conceded a stupid goal. Thankfully after we finish with that we get to talk about the transfer market which isn’t upsetting at all. Oh well at least our Champions Group isn’t stressful. Join us and enter the international break in style, y’all.