Wire Talk with Karen Stubbs

Wire Talk with Karen Stubbs was created to encourage and equip moms throughout the precious, challenging, and life-changing journey of motherhood. Karen Stubbs is the founder of Birds on a Wire - a ministry for moms. Hosted by Sunny Williams, Wire Talk offers Godly, practical advice on the topics every mother has questions about: mom guilt, our children’s faith, potty-training, divorce, our teenagers dating, the toddler years and more!


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episode 171: Mom Friendships

On today’s episode we’re getting real about how isolating and lonely life as a mom can be. Listen in to hear Karen answer questions from moms who have recently moved, single moms, and a newly stay-at-home mom. As always, we hope this conversation...



episode 170: Surviving (and Thriving!) As A Single Mom

Two single moms, Misty Paige and Michelle Lane, join Karen and Sunny on today’s episode to answer your questions, share their hearts, and discuss their experiences as single parents. Listen to hear how they grew as they journeyed from being single...



episode 169: Blended Families and Helping Kids Handle Divorce

Karen shares wisdom for talking about divorce, separation, and navigating a blended family on today’s episode of Wire Talk.  Even if you are not in a blended family or going through a divorce, listen to better understand the moms around you....



episode 168: Being A Working Mom

Any working moms out there? We thought so. On today's show Karen answers your questions about managing work plus motherhood and the conflicting emotions that often accompany that combination. She reminds us all to quit chasing perfect and tells us...



episode 167: How Do We Fight Fair in Our Families?

Karen dives into her mentoring bag of tricks on today's episode to share three key principles for fighting fairly in our families. Learn to practice assertiveness and what it means to actively listen to one another. Plus, find out what Karen's "wish...



episode 166: Clinging to the Upside of Life's Downs with Whoa, Susannah!

Author Susannah B. Lewis of Whoa, Susannah! joins Karen and Sunny today for a conversation you don't want to miss. Susannah opens up about the very real way she clings to God and His Word while facing the curve balls life inevitably throws. If you're...


 2019-06-18  28m

episode 165: Authentic Intimacy with Dr. Juli Slattery

Dr. Juli Slattery joins Karen and Sunny today to answer your questions about sexual intimacy within marriage. Juli gives her thoughts on what to do when you’re the one with the higher sex drive, how to keep your sex life alive when you’re...


 2019-06-11  38m

episode 164: Fun & Energetic Yellow Moms

Yellow moms, this episode is for YOU! Karen is also a yellow, so this conversation is especially fun to listen to as she tells stories about growing up as a yellow and how she brought her yellow strengths to play in her mothering. Not a yellow...


 2019-06-04  34m

episode 163: Disordered Body Image with therapist Angela Schaffner

We all want to be the healthiest version of ourselves possible, but what happens when we fall into destructive patterns with exercise or eating? And what can we do when we see a loved one struggling with the same thing? Today, therapist Angela...


 2019-05-28  50m

episode 162: Positive Body Image & Staying Healthy Amidst the Demands of Motherhood

There's no way around it, motherhood changes a woman's body. Whether it's stretch marks from giving birth, or a stretched schedule that allows little time for exercise, there's a new normal once kids are a part of your daily routine. Today Sunny and...


 2019-05-21  38m