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      Ep. 48: Encouraging Your Pastor's Wife (and Other Women) Well

      Encouragement is of vital importance to those serving in church leadership. Pastor's wives are often given many demands for their service, yet sadly overlooked as those who need to be ministered to. Biblically, what does it mean to encourage others? How can we better serve our fellow sisters in Christ in the area of encouragement?



      Ep. 47: Butter is Far Superior to Margarine

      Butter is better than margarine, despite what recent reports from the AHA have stated. Likewise, godly sorrow is greater than worldly sorrow. We discuss the grace-gift of repentance on today's episode.



      Ep. 46: Pray Like You Mean It

      Christians have direct access to the One True God through prayer. What constitutes an effective prayer life? This question has left many believers confused and often frustrated because they feel like they aren't getting it right. What makes prayer so important? What are the elements of good prayers? What kind of prayers should we pray? Who is to be the focus of our prayers? We'll tackle these questions for you while you clean the toilet.



      Ep. 45: The First Pancake

      Do you throw out the first pancake to get the griddle heat just right? Unlike that first pancake, you might want to hang on to this episode on a woman's identity in Christ rather than her roles. At the very least, see if you can tell the Kims apart.



      Ep. 44: The Upset Applecart

      Change is never easy. We have some exciting changes happening at Women's Hope. God is sovereign over all things, including the plans we've made. How we respond to these changes reveals much about our hearts.



      BONUS EPISODE: Our new home

      Have you been wondering where we've went? We have an exciting new announcement on this episode. We have re-branded and moved our feed, but we're still doing shows. Listen to this quick episode to learn where to keep listening.



      Ep 43: Susan Heck - The Liberating Gospel

      Author, speaker, Biblical counselor, and She Disciples ministry partner, Susan Heck, has a new booklet that discusses the liberating power of the Gospel. Listen as we chat with her about effectively sharing the liberating Gospel with our friends and family.



      Ep 42: Aimee Byrd No Little Women

      Aimee Byrd has written a must-read book discussing how to strengthen women in the church. This book is a lightning rod. Listen as we chat with Aimee about the trouble with women's ministries, why well-intentioned women are falling for poor- even false - theology, and some solutions to help change the tide. Strengthening women in the church strengthens the whole church. Cultivating resolved, competent women equips them to fulfill their calling as Christ’s disciples and men’s essential...



      Ep 41: Simple Christmas Traditions with Marci Ferrell

      Marci Ferrell of The Thankful Homemaker joins us to discuss some simple ways to celebrate the Christmas season and how to keep Christ the center of our traditions.



      Ep 40: Theology Jerks

      Two recovering "Theology Jerks" talk with a friend who's not-so-jerky about what makes us act like jerks and how to mortify this sinful behavior. Knowledge alone does not make one grow in sanctification. We must apply what we have learned and love others well.