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      Ep. 82: Marriage Betrayal with Brad Hambrick | Relate Series No. 6

      Betrayal in marriages happens far too often. But the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings hope even to this type of marital hardship. Brad Hambrick joins us today to bring the hope and healing that is possible after betrayal through the restorative power of the Gospel.



      Ep. 81: Parenting and Mentoring Teens with Ellen Castillo | Relate Series No. 5

      Teenagers are amazing! The teen years are precious times to shape and mold the young people God has placed in your life. These are the years when faith and worldview questions and challenges begin and these questions don't have to be scary. Ellen Castillo joins us on today's episode to help us learn how to have fruitful conversations and a thriving relationship with the teenagers in your life. 



      Ep. 80: Gospel Hope for the Post-Abortive Woman with Julie Ganschow | Relate Series No. 4

      Can the church both uphold the sanctity of life and mourn with the post-abortive woman? Are the two positions mutually exclusive or is there an opportunity to minister the Gospel within the aftermath of an abortion? Julie Ganschow joins us today to discuss the help, healing, and hope the church can offer through the power of the Gospel to post-abortive women.



      Ep. 79: One-on-One Discipleship With David Cummings | Relate Series No. 3

      The local church body is a gift from the Lord to every believer as a means of grace. True discipleship is best experienced within its context. Through the covenant community ministering to each other one-on-one, we find true fellowship and enjoy much spiritual growth together. Pastor David Cummings joins us on this episode to give a pastoral perspective on what "one-anothering" should look like within the life of the local church.



      Ep. 78: Domestic Abuse with Chris Moles | Relate Series No. 2

      How can the church do a better job of supporting women in domestic abuse environments? Admittedly, we fail women in our church communities far too often. What is a biblical definition of domestic abuse? Chris Moles joins us today to help us better understand domestic abuse and how to help those suffering from it.


       2018-04-18  40m

      Ep. 77: Friendship Foundations With Ellen Dykas | Relate Series No. 1

      What should be the foundation of our friendships? We were created for community, so that means the Gospel should affect our friendships. But often, we base our relationships on the wrong foundations and end up in big messes rather than edifying relationships. Ellen Dykas helps us kick off our Relate Series with a deeper look at what drives the closest relationships in our lives outside the family. 


       2018-04-11  32m

      Ep. 76: Restoring Others With Gentleness | Galatians Bible Study Series No. 9

      "You who are spiritual, restore such a one with a spirit of gentleness..." What does it mean to restore someone caught in sin? Does it mean we should be pointing out every sin a brother or sister commits? And who qualifies as spiritual? Is this work only for church leadership or does every member of the church body have a responsibility here? Show Notes 5:00 Galatians Lesson 8 homework recap 5:45 Bearing one another's burdens defined 8:20 The "one another" instructions in Scripture...


       2018-04-04  27m

      Ep. 75: How to Know if You're Really a Christian | Galatians Bible Study Series No. 8

      How can you really be sure you're a Christian? Is it even possible to know? If you find yourself battling sin and losing, does that mean you lost your salvation? Or maybe that you were never a Christian to begin with? Listen in as the Kims offer encouragement and hope so that you can enjoy blessed assurance. Show Notes 8:00 Galatians Lesson 7 homework recap 11:50 Am I still a Christian if I am committing some deeds of the flesh? 13:45 The struggle between the flesh and Spirit 16:00...


       2018-03-28  30m

      Ep. 74: Christian Liberty | Galatians Bible Study Series No. 7

      Christian liberty is one of those grey areas that are uncomfortable for us to talk about. We prefer neatly drawn lines and defined boundaries. While God gives us plenty of clear instructions in Scripture about how to go about our Christian living, there are some areas where He leaves us to a more nuanced, dare we say - Spirit-led - existence. It's in this grey areas that we tend to get crippled with the most fear, so we resort to placing our confused selves back under the law. Listen as the...


       2018-03-21  27m

      Ep. 73: Resting in Your Justification | Galatians Bible Study Series No. 6

      What does justification mean? What part do good works play in the Christian life? How would your life be different if you rested in your justification and served the Lord from gratitude rather than compulsion? Listen in on our conversation on justification and discover how to properly address your pastor as a bonus tip.  Show Notes 5:00  Lessons from the life of Abraham 13:00  What good are good works, anyway? 16:00 As children of God, you have been justified; rest in that Scripture ...


       2018-03-14  18m