Women's Hope

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      Ep. 57: Taking Thoughts Captive

      What's your thought life like? Do you wonder what it means, practically, to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ? How do we replace the lies we are believing or the sinful thoughts we are fighting with the truth of God's Word?



      Ep 56: Nate Pickowicz - Why We're Protestant

      Nate Pickowicz joins us to discuss his new book "Why We're Protestant." How do you discern true vs. false Christianity? In the days of the Protestant Reformation, the core tenets of the faith were strenuously examined. In the end, the Reformers maintained that at the heart of the Christian faith stood five main credos: sola Scriptura, sola gratia, sola fide, solus Christus, and soli Deo gloria. This book examines these five "solas" and makes a definitive case for why we're Protestant.



      Ep. 55: When Seeking Counsel Becomes Gossip

      There's wisdom and humility in seeking godly counsel from those who are wiser than us. But what is appropriate to share and what isn't? When seeking counsel in confidence, when do we cross the line into gossip? And how do we counsel those who are just venting or ranting? Today's episode answers questions we have all wrestled through in our relationships with others.



      Ep. 54: Marci Ferrell on Loving Our Husbands

      Marci Ferrell of Thankful Homemaker joins us to discuss how to love our husbands better. As wives, we tend to be good at sacrificial love, but how are we doing at the tender, affectionate phileo kind of love in our marriages? How can you bring honor to the Gospel as a wife?



      Ep. 53: Jess Pickowicz on Superstitions We Believe

      Jess Pickowicz joins us for her very first podcast interview and she's just as awesome as you had hoped. We talk about everything from superstitions and MC Hammer pants to syncretism and sneezing. Listen all the way to the end for a special treat from Jess. (Did you know she's originally from Boston?...Don't miss it!)



      Ep. 52: Real Friendships That Are Really Biblical

      Great friendships are a gift from the Lord. How does the Bible define friendship? What do Biblical friendships look like, according to Scripture? How can you be a better friend?



      Ep 51: Winning Him Without a Word - From Convicted Felon to Redeemed Saint

      Kevin Laymon joins us on today's episode to share his remarkable testimony from a husband's perspective on the effectiveness of 1 Peter 3:1. Once a convicted felon with a Bible degree, Kevin's wife chose to lovingly, patiently bear with an unbelieving spouse while God graciously used her witness to bring him to salvation. This is a "don't miss" episode. Grab your tissues.



      Ep 50: When Life is Tough and Things Aren't Changing

      When God doesn't change your difficult circumstances, do you still believe He's good? God never changes and that gives us hope. Let's talk about learning to trust God with our hardships.



      Ep 49: Biblical Mentorship with Ellen Castillo

      Ellen Castillo is the founder of Word of Hope Ministries and biblicalmentor.com and a certified biblical counselor with IABC. We talked with Ellen about her passion for generational ministry in the pattern of the whole context of Titus Chapter 2. Listen as we discuss how to develop intentional mentorship relationships with the women in your local church and sphere of influence.



      Ep. 48: Encouraging Your Pastor's Wife (and Other Women) Well

      Encouragement is of vital importance to those serving in church leadership. Pastor's wives are often given many demands for their service, yet sadly overlooked as those who need to be ministered to. Biblically, what does it mean to encourage others? How can we better serve our fellow sisters in Christ in the area of encouragement?