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      Ep. 64: Kindness and Goodness | Fruit of the Spirit Series No. 5

      "Be nice..." How kind are you, really? Can you do good to others on your own? Some of our first memories are probably of our mothers telling us to "be nice" to others. Is niceness the same as kindness? And what is the difference between kindness and goodness? Show Notes 1:56 Fruit of the Spirit review 4:32 Kindness and goodness defined 11:33 Connecting kindness and goodness to agape 17:34 Practical application Scripture References and Other Resources Conforming to the Truth...



      Ep. 63: Have a Little Patience | Fruit of the Spirit Series No. 4

      Be encouraged! You can have patience! As we continue our Fruit of the Spirit Series, we discuss the element of patience. Don't fear! Although this discussion may make you say ouch, we promise it will leave you encouraged to practice more patience in your life as the Lord enables you to grow in this area. Show Notes 3:34 Fruit of the Spirit Review 8:08 Patience definition 15:09 Patience used throughout Scripture 22:00 The type of patience used in Galatians 5:22 27:32 God's patience with ...



      Ep. 62: Peace! | Fruit of the Spirit Series No. 3

      Let there be peace on earth...Is this even possible? What is peace? And how does one attain this seemingly elusive state of being? Can the world truly know peace? And what is the answer to our anxieties? As we continue our Fruit of the Spirit series, join us as examine the element of peace. Show Notes 5:00 Review 8:00 Peace definition 12:45 The Gospel of peace 17:20 False peace from false teachers 20:00 The answer to our anxieties Scripture References and Other Resources Resource of...



      Ep 61: I've Got the Joy Down in my Heart | Fruit of the Spirit Series No. 2

      We continue our 9-episode series on the Fruit of the Spirit today discussing joy. What is this joy that we've been given? How did Jesus display it? What does it look like in our own lives? Show Notes 3:45 Fruit of the Spirit Review 6:42 Joy defined 15:40 Examples of joy in our Savior 18:53 Practically applying joy to your own life Scripture References and Other Resources Truth for Life App https://www.truthforlife.org/theapp/ Ep 47: Butter is Far Superior to Margarine...



      Ep. 60: Let's Talk About Love | Fruit of the Spirit Series No. 1

      This episode begins our 9-part series on the Fruit of the Spirit. What is the Fruit of the Spirit? Does every believer have this fruit or is it something we must work at? The first element of the Fruit is love. What kind of love is it and how do we practically apply this love to real life? Show Notes 7:30 The concept of the Fruit of the Spirit 9:00 The process of sanctification 14:25 Love - agape 18:00 Practically applying love to real life Scripture References and Other Res...



      Ep. 59: Instagram Theology or True Religion?

      We love a good Christian-ese quote to share on social media, don't we? But are these quotes what we're using to build our knowledge of theology? What does the Bible have to say about many of the quotes that we regularly share? Does our Instagram Theology reflect the true teachings of God's Word? And how do we know the difference? Show Notes 5:00 5 Points of Moralistic Therapeutic Deism 7:00 Sample Instagram quotes 26:00 Study what is true to know when you're being given bad th...



      Ep 58: Watering Your Spiritually Dry and Weary Soul

      Does your time with the Lord taste like dry toast? Seasons of spiritual dryness are difficult to face. We have some very practical solutions to help you work through this time in your life. Take courage! There is hope!



      Ep. 57: Taking Thoughts Captive

      What's your thought life like? Do you wonder what it means, practically, to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ? How do we replace the lies we are believing or the sinful thoughts we are fighting with the truth of God's Word?



      Ep 56: Nate Pickowicz - Why We're Protestant

      Nate Pickowicz joins us to discuss his new book "Why We're Protestant." How do you discern true vs. false Christianity? In the days of the Protestant Reformation, the core tenets of the faith were strenuously examined. In the end, the Reformers maintained that at the heart of the Christian faith stood five main credos: sola Scriptura, sola gratia, sola fide, solus Christus, and soli Deo gloria. This book examines these five "solas" and makes a definitive case for why we're Protestant.



      Ep. 55: When Seeking Counsel Becomes Gossip

      There's wisdom and humility in seeking godly counsel from those who are wiser than us. But what is appropriate to share and what isn't? When seeking counsel in confidence, when do we cross the line into gossip? And how do we counsel those who are just venting or ranting? Today's episode answers questions we have all wrestled through in our relationships with others.