Word On the Street

Hosted by theZim & Arock, they take a non exclusive look at the culture of the Seattle and NW music scene. Get a past and present look from the perspective of musicians, bookers, club owners, fans and more.



WOTS Version 11 with Andy Palmer

Today on Word On the Street is Andy Palmer booker for Nectar Lounge in Fremont.  We get a look at what it's like working for Nectar as their booker. It was great having Andy on and getting some insights, this version is a shorter one we only had a ha


 2015-02-13  41m

WOTS Version 9 with Dave O'Leary and Stacey Meyer

This week on Word On the Street we have author and musician Dave O' Leary.  He wrote a book inspired by the Seattle music scene and his involvement in it called "The Music Book".  We also have Stacey Meyer of the local band "Furniture Girls


 2015-01-29  1h33m

WOTS Version 6 with Ever-So-Android

We sat down with Ever-So-Android and got to know Drew Murray, Hope Simpson and their dog Duke! We talked about how they met, where they are from, how they approach making music, what they see and saw from local musicians and how they wanted to do it diffe


 2015-01-08  1h17m