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WorldLink: WorldLink: Derailed

On this week's show: Germany's refugee debate heats up following the New Year's Eve sex attacks on women in German cities. Charlie Hebdo's anniversary edition one year after the Paris office was attacked by terrorists. The dynamics behind the mounting tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran. And we introduce you to DJ Costa who’s rapping against IS after the terror group ensnared his brother.


 2016-01-09  54m

WorldLink: WorldLink: Taking stock

For this special New Year's edition we have a roundup of WorldLink stories from 2015 - most of which are pegged to unresolved crises that are likely to make more headlines this year.


 2016-01-02  54m

WorldLink: WorldLink Christmas 2015

On this week's Christmas special: How much can change in a year? - With a million new arrivals in Germany, a young journalist opens up about the painful discussions taking place in her society - Knitting for a cause - A lesson in redemption and can collecting in the Big Apple - And we go on a truffle hunt in Britain, to Viking school in Norway, and visit a colorful Christmas carnival in Nigeria.


 2015-12-26  54m

WorldLink: WorldLink: True colors

On this week's show: A closer at how IS has been using Baathists to establish their terrorist network in Iraq and Syria, an Afghan engineer who - against all odds - is trying to improve his community's water supply. Crime and punishment in India - should juvenile rapists be punished like adults? And what's in a flag? As New Zealanders ponder a change, we ask one for her take on the flag debate.


 2015-12-19  54m

WorldLink: WorldLink - Between rocks and hard places

In today's show some "David and Goliath" stories: a tiny island in the shadow of China, a small farmer hit by the Turkey-Russia clash, a Russian artist in the Kremlin crosshairs, two doctors who break the Mid-East mold and U.S. mobile clinics to the rescue. We also profile a new young right-winger in French politics and a Chinese dancer who recounts how disco brought some pelvic thrust to China.


 2015-12-12  55m

WorldLink: WorldLink - Off target?

With the Paris Climate Conference underway we highlight an endangered Pacific island state, Atlantic lobstermen and Europe's migrant crisis, which may be the tip of the melting iceberg. In economic news, terrorism and tourism in Egypt, Jordan's illegal refugee workers, and a new book by Greece's ex-finance Minister, while an Indian whistle-blower and Israeli choreographer round off the show.


 2015-12-05  55m

WorldLink: WorldLink: Fearing a backlash

Turkish-Russian relations plummet, Syrian refugees in France feel the strain after the Paris attacks and British Muslims deal with prejudice. Plus: Stranded in Hungary, on trial in Angola and happily bleeding in India.


 2015-11-28  54m

WorldLink: Refugees and our Terror Special

Terrorism and refugees are our themes today, with reactions to the Paris bombings from France, Germany and Austria, from politicians, refugees and ordinary people, and from the Dalai Lama, whose words breathe peace on troubled waters. A report from the beaches of Greece puts a human face to the refugee crisis, and the story of Jewish refugees from long ago comes full circle in modern-day Spain.


 2015-11-21  54m

WorldLink: WorldLink: Sticking Out

On this week's show: the Sicilian journalist who's broadcasting against the Mafia, South Africa's time warp village and “daddy leave” in Norway. All that, plus the pedophile who's desperately trying to contain his urges, the record-breaking blind traveler and Ukraine's one and only wolf-man.


 2015-11-14  55m

WorldLink: WorldLink: Struggle and Survival

On this week's program: The comedians poking fun at Myanmar's junta, how Turkey's Kurdish population are feeling in the wake of Erdogan's stunning victory at the polls, and the Christmas folk tradition stoking a racism row in the Netherlands. Plus, words of peace and forgiveness from a former child soldier in the DRC.


 2015-11-07  55m