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Join Allan as he travels the world alone on his motorcycle, films his new television show, and shares insight, people, and places from his travel as well as bringing special guests who've traveled the world overland or otherwise. Exciting places, inspiring stories and extraordinary people. Allan Karl sold or packed up all his earthly belongings and set out to travel the world on his motorcycle. You can ride with him by following his blog and listening to PodCasts as he travels thousands of miles through nearly 40 countries. Meet a wild and interesting cast of characters, experience unique cultures and food and read and listen to fascinating stories of being on the road -- alone and on a motorcycle—and since 2015, often with a film crew following close behind.



      #28 Duncan Marks, Traveling The World & Making Wine

      Wow! Listen to this Podcast with Duncan—a 26-year-old winemaker who is traveling the world making wine, doing good, and following his dream. Seriously.

      After riding through Scandinavia and Eastern Europe I found myself between Greek Islands and exploring Greek history and Athens I happened to wander into a wine bar and found a kindred spirit—Duncan Marks, a 26-year old wine maker from my hometown of San Diego—he's just finished harvesting wine from a Greek Estate.

      I learned G...



      #27 Neale Bayly on Bank Robbery, 200mph On A Bike & Storytelling

      Veteran Moto-journlist, Television Host, and Philanthropist
      Any chance I get to spend time with the legendary Neale Bayly, I cherish and relish the experience. Now you can too. It's hard to say, but this ranks as one of my top guests, so far, on the WorldRider Podcast (who woulda thought). Truly, the guests keep getting better which means for you listeners, less time listening to me, and more time listening to experienced travelers from all over the globe.

      Neale Bayly is one...



      #26 Dr. Jeff Salz, Adventure Anywhere & Dodging Chinese Police

      Join host Allan Karl (me) and fellow adventurer, speaker and world traveler Dr. Jeff Salz in an engaging discussion of adventure and travel. Hall of Fame Speaker and anthropologist adventurer, Jeff shares incredible stories from the jungles of Peru to the endless pampas and glacier-studded landscapes of Patagonia. Listen as we dig into what it means to travel, preserve traditional cultures and experience aging as an adventure as we discuss his exciting new book project.

      Along the...



      #25 George Walther, Voodoo, Smiles, & The Travelers' Century Club

      The WorldRider Podcasts continues to evolve and attract new and interesting guests.

      Just in from Cape Town, South Africa, meet fellow speaker, world traveler and good friend George Walther. Not only is George Walther a Hall of Fame Speaker (honored by the National Speaker Association), but George is a a Hall of Fame WorldRider Traveler — honored here on this blog! He's also a card-carrying member of the Travelers' Century Club — a unique nonprofit organization comprised of members ...



      #24 Carla King, Sidecar Queen, China & More

      Happy New Year!

      Carla King Visits WorldRider Studios And Shares Miss Adventurer Tales, Traveling China, Sidecars & Self Publishing
      What a pleasure to host and try to entertain the queen of sidecars, the country's leading expert in self-publishing and an extraordinary adventure motorcyclist–Miss Adventuring, Ms. Carla King.

      True to form, my own cat, Ms. Dar es Salaam, needed the attention of Carla, so before the podcast recording began, a few moments of “Dar T...



      #22 Around The World Alone — On A Bicycle 9.19.11

      Ok. So you know I traveled around the world for three years alone—on a motorcycle. And I really didn't see everything. There are still plenty of places waiting for my visit. Or at least I'd like to think so. Truth is, there are a lot of places I'm waiting to visit. But that's besides the point.

      I was in Ethiopia on my motorcycle sometimes in the Spring of 2008. On a desolate stretch ...



      #21 WorldRider Podcast Redux 11.11.09

      #21 WorldRider Podcast Redux 11.11.09

      Originally Produced and Published on November 11, 2009

      Solo world traveler motorcycle adventurer Allan Karl returns with a new edition of the WorldRider Podcasts. Though back in the states for nearly a year, Karl discusses his upcoming speaking engagements and multimedia presentations and plans for publishing.




      #20 Buenos Aires | Dakar Motos – Traveler’s Telling Stories 03.15.07

      #20 Buenos Aires  |  Dakar Motos – Traveler’s Telling Stories

      Originally Produced and Published on March 15, 2007

      The Ides of March (Caesar Beware)

      Motorcycle travelers all over the world meet and swap stories at the legendary adventure traveler hangout Dakar Motos in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Through a series of amazing coincidences Allan connects for the third time during his journey with fellow Californian motorcyclists Adam Pate. Listen to Adam relate his tale to...



      #19 Breaking Out of Bolivia | Welcome to Chile 12.04.06

      #19 Breaking Out of Bolivia  |  Welcome to Chile

      Originally Produced and Published on December 4, 2006

      Finally after enduring a broken leg, badly sprained ankle and ligament strained and twisted knee, WorldRider, Allan Karl, finally takes the road out of Bolivia. From the largest and highest in altitude salt lake in the world, Allan takes a dirt road out of Bolivia. In search of better roads, Allan is quite suprised to learn that in this part of Chile the roads are more c...



      #18 12,000 Feet In The Middle of Nowhere 12.01.06

      #18 12,000 Feet In The Middle of Nowhere

      Originally Produced & Published on December 1, 2006

      With lightning storms blazing the evening sky and the most impressive array of starts they’ve ever seen, WorldRider, Allan Karl and fellow motorcyclist Andy Tiegs, sit on the largest and highest in altitude salt flat in the world on the Bolivian Altiplano and discuss their respective journeys to this magical place by motorcycle. After traveling more than 15,000 miles and visiting t...