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Travel Around The World—Adventures with WorldRider Allan Karl & Special Guests Join Allan and his globetrotting guests as he travels the world alone on his motorcycle. Host of the upcoming television series "Border to Border" Allan films his show, and shares insight, meets fascinating people, and explores places all around the world. When not traveling Allan takes listeners around the world through the tales and experiences of other extraordinary world travelers, engaging in lively conversation while sharing extraordinary tales from exotic locales and travel tips and insight everyone can use.

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#40 Jerry D'Alessandro | From Rockstar To Hollywood TV Producer

Meet Jerry D’Alessandro, Television Producer, Showrunner, Travel Addict and One Time Rock n’ Roll Star



#39 Ryan Pyle | Adventurers & Travelers Face New Realities In The Future

Tough Rides | Extreme Treks | Mayhem In The Amazon Another Day In The Life of Extreme Adventurer and TV Host/Producer Ryan Pyle



episode 35: Lockdown In San Diego | Breaking News, Journeys, Dreams, and Perspectives On LIfe

Allan Karl Tells All: Where's the Bike, What's A Webcast, New Versions of FORKS, Life Lessons


 2020-05-31  37m

episode 38: Finding Adventure In Everything We Do & Everywhere We Go

Pangolins | Horror On The Mountain In Patagonia | Jailed In China


 2020-05-11  52m

episode 36: Ronnie Borrageiro | 100 Countries, 100,000 Miles, One Motorcycle

An Around The World Adventure With Guns & Love


 2020-05-11  1h5m

#37 Jeremy Kroeker & Elle West | Everything Gone South: Holed Up In Uruguay

Jeremy Kroeker & Elle West Prepared For Everything, Except This!


 2020-05-08  37m

 2020-05-06  44m

episode 33: Mahasa Homayounfar | Musings In Macedonia With A Digital Nomad Motorcyclist

Chatting With Motorcycle Travelers Mahsa & Gerald Lakeside in Ohrid (PODCAST WEBSITE: Musings In Macedonia With Digital Nomad & Not Just A Tourist Mahsa Homayounfar Chatting With Motorcycle Travelers Mahsa &...


 2019-07-23  30m

#32 From Slovenia—Riding the Balkans 2018: A Live Update

Riding North From Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, italy and now Slovenia


 2018-09-18  13m

episode 31: #31 From Greece—The Truth About Greek Wine, Food, & Destinations

Changing Perceptions About What Truly Is Greek Wine, Food, & Islands


 2018-08-05  1h18m